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The travel industry relies on a vast digital ecosystem to connect travelers with airlines, cruise ships and lodging globally. While this has been a boon of convenience for consumers, it’s also provided the opportunity for fraudsters to launch attacks as well. Fraudsters target travel sites for attacks such as denial of inventory, or ATO attacks seeking unused loyalty points.

Arkose Labs is uniquely positioned to help travel and ticketing companies address all types of fraud and abuse. The Arkose Labs Platform constantly evolves to mitigate the latest threats, stopping fraudsters in their tracks while still enabling a seamless user experience for real customers.

“We’re extremely pleased with Arkose Labs and their ability to solve a very expensive problem for us. I’d definitely recommend Arkose Labs for online, fraud, or other damaging automated attacks.”

Tommy Kok, Web Infrastructure
HK Express

Creating a safe platform for your business and customers


Stop attackers from reserving inventory without actually paying for it. This denies access for real customers, and enables fraudsters to sell this blocked inventory at a premium.

ATO and Loyalty Points Abuse

Prevent fraudsters from breaking in to customer accounts in order to monetize accumulated loyalty reward points.


Fraudsters steal payment credentials from compromised accounts for their own purposes or to re-sell to third parties.

Large-Scale Bot Attacks

Fraudsters use automated tools to carry out high volume attacks such as account validation testing, denial of inventory, scraping and payment fraud.


Protect the integrity of your brand reputation by stopping fraudulent reviews created en masse.

Automated Scraping

Put an end to attacks that seek to scrape valuable information like user data and inventory that can be used to gain a competitive edge.

The Arkose Advantage

Continually Evolving Platform

Continuous feedback loop between risk engine and authentication challenge data for increased accuracy

Deep Device & Network Forensic

Accurately assess the risk of each user and root out fraudsters obscuring their device and identity

Managed Services

Customers benefit from proactive monitoring of their traffic and attack trends by Arkose Labs data scientists

Future-Proof Protection

Incrementally complex challenges drain fraudsters’ resources and render attacks unsustainable in the long-term

Reduce False Positives

Fight fraud without sacrificing customer experience; Arkose Labs increases good customer throughput by 15-25%

Bespoke Challenges

Tailor-made authentication that aligns with your branding to enhance the customer experience

Stop Fraud Now and in the Future

Arkose Labs enables the travel industry to stop fraud attacks at the front door. Its continually evolving platform, powered by machine learning, protects against evolving and future threats.

Travel companies can tackle fraud and abuse in its many varied forms by using targeted friction combined with risk-based assessments. The Arkose Labs platform presents suspicious traffic with real-time 3D challenges that cannot be solved by bots, and that dramatically slow down human-driven attacks.

Platform Demonstration

See how the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform could help your business