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Employee Appreciation Day: A Big Thank You to Our Amazing Employees

March 5, 20213 min Read

Our people are our greatest asset and on the occasion of Employee Appreciation Day, we express our gratitude to them. We also want our people to know that we value their individual efforts that add up to make us a successful company

Recognition lifts the morale of the employees, as it makes them feel appreciated and valued. When organizations show that they care about their employees, it results in more motivated, engaged, and loyal employees.

Making work-from-home comfortable

When the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a stand-still, we took a proactive decision to adopt the work-from-home system, so that our people were safe from the raging pandemic. We knew it might be challenging for our people to adjust to this new work order. Therefore, to help them adapt to this unprecedented event successfully, we provided every employee with $1,000, which they could use to set up their home office or make child/elderly care easier.

Working remotely can leave people feeling isolated. Therefore, we focused on open communication and began conducting online activities every month to keep our people engaged and connected. This also meant increasing the frequency of one-on-one discussions, which has done wonders to keep the morale high.

Celebrating our people

Our people are our most valued resources and we take every opportunity—not just the Employee Appreciation Day (about this day)—to appreciate our people for all the good work they do for the company. We are always looking out for innovative ideas and ways to appreciate their good work and to ensure our people feel invigorated and are in a happy space. From simple 'Thank You' to skill development training, rewards, and annual Town Halls, we conduct a large gamut of activities to express our gratitude and let our people know that we value their efforts.

One of the most eagerly awaited events at Arkose Labs is the annual Town Hall, where the leadership team addresses the employees. The leaders present a comprehensive report of the year gone by and the roadmap for the year ahead. They inform employees about the new focus areas, the new lines of business, the revenue targets, areas of greater focus, and so forth. All this information gives a clear direction to the employees for the new exciting opportunities they can expect in the year ahead.

The event also celebrates the achievements of the company as well as of the individuals who make exceptional contributions to the growth and culture of the company. That said, Town Hall is not just a mundane report reading session or a prize distribution ceremony. It's a fun-filled, theme-based fiesta, which our people look forward to attending.

Every year, the Town Hall is woven around a theme; and we provide our people with a budget to dress up according to the chosen theme. For instance, the theme for this year's Town Hall was Star Wars. We gave the entire company a budget to get a costume, everyone dressed up as characters from Star Wars. 

Our leaders played the characters of  Princess Leia Organa (Vanita Pandey, Chief Marketing Officer),  Yoda (Mark Resnick, Chief Financial Officer) and I was a Luke Skywalker! The active participation from the leadership team motivates people to be more participative as well!

Striving to keep our people happy

At Arkose Labs, we take great pride in the work we do and are equally proud of our people who ensure that we continue delivering value to our customers. Our people are our strength and central to everything we do. On this Employee Appreciation Day, we would like to thank them for their immense contribution to the success of the company.