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Arkose Labs Named as a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor for IAM and Fraud Detection

June 2, 20204 min Read

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Arkose Labs is delighted to announce that it has been recognized as a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor. We are named in the Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection report, which highlights interesting and innovative vendors.

Every company has significant milestones as they grow that mark out notable achievements, such as funding rounds and customer acquisitions. Major industry recognitions such as these are another one of these milestones, as we believe that they offer validation that our company is making a significant impact that is being noticed throughout the wider ecosystem.

Gartner is one of the most globally influential and well-known analyst firms. We consider being named as a Cool Vendor a stamp of approval on the work Arkose Labs is doing to drive forward the fraud and abuse space. Furthermore, we believe this prestigious designation is bestowed on companies that are not only creating innovative technology but also that have the potential for meaningful business impact as well.

Beyond Mitigation

The Gartner Cool Vendor report notes the limitations of mitigation-focused strategies such as threat scoring and behavioral analysis in defeating fraud and automated abuse.

Many organizations facing rising fraud levels are struggling to derive actionable insights by adding more layers of fraud intelligence. Arkose Labs takes a different approach that provides a user-friendly way to identify and remediate attacks in real-time.

Our solution determines true user intent by analyzing traffic for behavioral telltales of fraud and tests suspicious traffic using interactive challenges. Real-time analytics classifies and triages traffic, and informs the platform of any secondary screening required. Risky traffic is then presented with interactive challenges that cause all malicious bot traffic to fail and prevents fraudsters from scaling up attacks.

Fraud Detection and User Experience

According to the Gartner Cool Vendor report, it is imperative that “security and risk management leaders responsible for identity and access management and fraud detection should adopt fraud detection mechanisms that work in the background, without interrupting the user flow to balance the need to detect and mitigate fraud with the requirement to minimize friction.”

Gartner also notes that, “Detecting and mitigating fraud causes friction and degrades the user experience, which is problematic in a world in which customers demand frictionless and secure interactions with businesses and will engage competitors that offer lower-friction experiences.”

That’s why Arkose Labs keeps user experience front and center when defending against fraud. In the modern digital economy, ease-of-use and a seamless experience are extremely important as a competitive edge.

Arkose Labs never blocks users, and only challenges risky traffic, keeping good customer throughput higher than with other solutions. And the few good users who may see a challenge will find it a simple, fun -- and most of all -- quick experience. A continuous feedback loop between risk assessments and authentication challenges ensures that the small proportion of good users that see challenges is constantly diminishing.

Defeating the Bots

Another key takeaway from the Gartner Cool Vendor report, in our opinion, is that CAPTHAs are being conquered by machines. Advancements in machine vision technology have enabled bad actors to create automated solvers that circumvent challenges with ease and at little cost.

That is why Arkose Labs delivers context-based, 3D enforcement challenges that have countless possible solutions, and are designed against the grain of the latest innovations in machine vision technology. They are tested internally and externally, through a bug bounty program, to ensure that they cannot be circumvented by automation.

We see the Gartner Cool Vendor recognition as a testament to the dedicated and talented team we have here at Arkose Labs. We also thank our customers that are on this path with us and look forward to creating new partnerships as we continue down our journey together.

To access the full Gartner Cool Vendors in IAM and Fraud Detection Report, click Download below.