Fraud Prevention

Why Non-Human Traffic is Bad

June 13, 20191 min Read

comScore recently released a report exploring the issue of “NHT” aka “Non-Human Traffic”. It outlines the wide ranging negative effects of bot fuelled traffic on many parties involved in online advertising. Media buyers, sellers, agencies, web hosts and big brands — any business that utilizes online advertising has, at one time or another, been affected by “Non-Human Traffic”. The overall concept is simple: NHT is a detriment to online businesses as it “contaminates” metrics, giving an inaccurate representation of how a digital asset is performing. What has this got to do with Arkose Labs?

Well, everything. Our purpose is to block automated systems from accessing web domains and contaminating them; and the processes by which an automated system can contaminate a website varies greatly.

  • It can riddle forums and inboxes with spam.
  • It can open a domain to web-scraping.
  • It can falsely inflate a website’s traffic, skewing budgets for various projects, causing irreparable damage to an owner’s ability to manage their page effectively.

The potential for damage is great, so websites need a CAPTCHA that is effective at preventing NHT, which is where we step in. We provide the shield necessary to fight against NHT while welcoming real human users across the line.

Our priority is ensuring clean, measurable traffic for our clients, as it is an essential component in ensuring ongoing strength for a website.