A Founder and A Felon Talk About The Future Of Cybercrime

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Episode 1

What is a Chief Criminal Officer?

Episode 2

A Window into a Cybercriminal’s Mind

Episode 3

How Cybercriminals Make Bank

Episode 4

Trust Among Thieves: Networking on the Darkside

Episode 5

Fraud Schemes: eCommerce

Episode 6

Account Takeover Fraud

Episode 7

Account Takeover Fraud: Social Engineering

Episode 8

New Account Fraud

Episode 9

Synthetic Fraud

Episode 10

Fraud Schemes: Fintechs

Episode 11

Fraud Schemes: Video Games

Episode 12

Cybercrime 101: Education of a Cybercriminal

Episode 13

Fraud Schemes: Two-sided Marketplaces

Episode 14

Fraud Schemes: Travel

Episode 15

Where do Fraudsters Find Information?

Episode 16

Fraud Schemes: Web 3

It Takes A Diamond To Cut The Glass

Brett Johnson is a former cybercriminal. In his role as Arkose Labs Chief Criminal officer, he draws upon his practical knowledge about attackers motivations to help make fraud less lucrative for bad actors.

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It Takes A Diamond To Cut The Glass

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