A Founder and a Felon: Talk About the Future of Cybercrime

Watch this exclusive mini series featuring our CEO & Founder and former Chief Criminal Officer!


Episode 1

What is a Chief Criminal Officer?

Episode 2

A Window into a Cybercriminal’s Mind

Episode 3

How Cybercriminals Make Bank

Episode 4

Trust Among Thieves: Networking on the Darkside

Episode 5

Fraud Schemes: eCommerce

Episode 6

Account Takeover Fraud

Episode 7

Account Takeover Fraud: Social Engineering

Episode 8

New Account Fraud

Episode 9

Synthetic Fraud

Episode 10

Fraud Schemes: Fintechs

Episode 11

Fraud Schemes: Video Games

Episode 12

Cybercrime 101: Education of a Cybercriminal

Episode 13

Fraud Schemes: Two-sided Marketplaces

Episode 14

Fraud Schemes: Travel

Episode 15

Where do Fraudsters Find Information?

Episode 16

Fraud Schemes: Web 3

About the Speakers

Kevin Gosschalk

Kevin Gosschalk is the founder and CEO of Arkose Labs, the global leader in fraud deterrence and account security. He has been a passionate gamer since he was a kid, growing up in Australia.

Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson is the former Chief Criminal Officer of Arkose Labs. He is a former US Most Wanted cybercriminal, identity thief, hacker, and Original Internet Godfather.