Uninterrupted Streaming: Arkose Labs Shields Social Broadcasting Platform From Bot Assaults

Key Results

Blockade of automated bots attempting to create fake new accounts

Elimination of spam disseminated through the platform

Creation of a winning consumer experience


A dynamic social broadcasting platform that streams user-generated videos faced significant disruption from cyber attackers using automated bots to create fake accounts in order to spread harassment and interfere with live events. In response, the company replaced its legacy CAPTCHA solution with Arkose Bot Manager at the new account creation and login stages. This strategic implementation blocked registration attacks and spam from reactivated fraudulent accounts, markedly enhancing the overall customer experience and maintaining the integrity of the live streaming services.

The Business Problem

The company’s main challenge was to proactively counteract the blitz of cyberattacks, particularly those aimed at its rapidly expanding user base, without detracting from its celebrated user experience. Renowned for its sleek interface and engaging digital environment, the platform needed to address these security issues before they escalated into major disruptions.

The company had been using a legacy CAPTCHA, implemented at the new account creation stage, in an attempt to identify bad actors. That solution, however, was susceptible to automated attacks, which were able to bypass its defense protocols and create new accounts en masse. After lying dormant for several months, fraudulent accounts were suddenly becoming active and disseminating spam, damaging the experience for legitimate consumers.

The Arkose Labs Solution

The company deployed Arkose Bot Manager at the new account creation stage in place of its old attack mitigation solution. All traffic to the website is analyzed on the fly against known telltale signals using a number of different factors, including device ID, IP address and location. Good users seamlessly pass through unchallenged, but malicious traffic is served with interactive challenges that determine the intent of traffic and provide additional behavioral biometric insights.

Context-based challenges are rendered in real time and are resilient to the latest advancements in machine vision technology. This means that they cannot be completed by bots and automated solvers, which could easily bypass the legacy challenge-response solution. The result was the elimination of bots registering for fake accounts.

After this success, the company then put Arkose Bot Manager onto its login page to stem the problem of dormant accounts suddenly coming to life and spamming users. Together with Arkose Labs, it was able to tackle this activity head on and shut it down, as well.

Demonstrated Results

By deploying Arkose Bot Manager, the company effectively eliminated bot attacks during the new account creation stage. Additionally, fraudulent accounts that had been created before the implementation of Arkose Bot Manager, and later reactivated, were successfully stopped and prevented from spreading spam. This robust security measure not only created a safer environment but also significantly enhanced the overall user experience on the platform.

“Arkose Labs works. The proof is in the pudding. Since the implementation of Arkose Labs, we have not seen any attacks like the bot attacks that we experienced previously.”

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