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Credential Stuffing

Credential Stuffing Threatens the Success of Enterprises

Credential stuffing poses significant risks to digital businesses, impacting them in multiple ways. The primary consequence is the potential for account takeovers, allowing attackers to exploit compromised accounts for fraudulent activities, data theft, and impersonation. Financial losses can also occur as attackers abuse compromised accounts for unauthorized purchases or fund drainage.

Digital enterprises also face reputational damage, loss of trust, and reduced customer confidence when customer accounts are compromised. Compliance and legal consequences may arise from violations of data protection regulations. Businesses may experience operational disruptions, downtime, and increased costs associated with investigating attacks, implementing enhanced security measures, and recovering compromised accounts.

Stop Credential Stuffing with Arkose Labs

Online businesses have several security measures at their disposal to safeguard their credentials. While suggesting customers to utilize unique passwords is a prudent recommendation, enforcing such practices remains beyond the company's control. Certain applications employ a technique of cross-checking submitted passwords with a database of compromised passwords before granting acceptance. Nevertheless, it's important to note that this approach is not entirely foolproof, as users may still opt to reuse passwords from services that have yet to experience a breach.

In an effort to counter credential stuffing attacks, businesses often enhance their login security with additional features like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and traditional CAPTCHA challenges. However, it's important to acknowledge that these measures also have their limitations. MFA, for instance, can still be vulnerable to Man in the Middle Attacks, while traditional CAPTCHAs prove to be ineffective as bots can easily navigate through these tests. Consequently, website owners are often compelled to intensify their security protocols, which inadvertently risks the blocking of legitimate traffic and a decline in overall web traffic and revenue.

Other prevention methods include:

  • Device fingerprinting: JavaScript collects information about user devices and creates a unique "fingerprint" based on parameters like the operating system, browser, language, time zone, etc. Detecting the same set of parameters for consecutive logins can indicate credential stuffing or a brute force attack.
  • IP blacklisting: Since attackers often use a limited number of IP addresses, blocking IPs attempting to log into multiple accounts can effectively deter them. Comparing the last few IPs used to log into a specific account with suspicious IPs helps minimize false positives.
  • Rate-limit non-residential traffic sources: Commercial data center traffic is typically bot traffic, easily identifiable. Implement strict rate limits and block or ban IPs displaying abnormal behavior.

The most effective defense against credential stuffing attacks is a comprehensive bot management solution, such as Arkose Labs. It incorporates device fingerprinting, IP reputation checks, behavior biometrics, and Arkose MatchKey Challenges—a new type of CAPTCHA that bots cannot defeat. Arkose Labs' platform covers all consumer flows and dynamically responds to each attack pattern.

Arkose Bot Manager

Arkose Labs seamlessly integrates precise attack detection with tailored response mechanisms to effectively identify unauthorized activity at the early stages of the customer journey, while also ensuring minimal impact on genuine users.

Real-Time Bot Detection

Catch Evolving Attacks with Greater Transparency

Cybercriminals today have tools and resources to expertly mimic good users and circumvent defenses. Our multi-layered detection aggregates real-time device, network, and behavioral signals on a customer workflow to spot hidden signs of bot and human-driven attacks, such as device and location spoofing.

  • Multi-layered device, IP, and behavioral detection
  • Access to 70+ risk attributes to enrich existing models
  • ML decisioning driven by 150+ global attack signatures
  • 24/7 SOC threat analysis and tuning

User-Centric Attack Response

Stop the Efforts of Attackers, Not Users

When suspicious signals are detected, and traffic is sent through Arkose MatchKey, malicious intent is immediately identified. Targeted attack response allows good users to pass uninterrupted, while suspicious traffic is met with puzzles that stop bots in their tracks while frustrating human fraudsters.

  • Challenges that are highly resilient to today’s intelligent bots
  • Defenses for human-driven attacks
  • Superior user throughput over CAPTCHAs and MFA
  • 24/7 SOC monitoring with guaranteed mitigation SLA
The Only Platform to Guarantee Protection From Bots

The Only Platform to Guarantee Protection From Bots

Arkose Labs is so effective against bots, it's backed by a guaranteed mitigation SLA and industry-first $1M warranties against account take-overs (ATO) and SMS toll fraud (IRSF).

The Arkose Advantage

Optimized, Proactive Threat Detection

Real-world threat intelligence, optimized data sets, and real-time challenge feedback signals provide proactive defense.

Dynamic Challenge Capabilities

Arkose MatchKey challenges provide a unique user experience, performance improvements, and powerful styling features.

Actionable and Transparent Data

Arkose Bot Manager offers precise decision-making and improved risk mitigation

Flexible Deployment and Integration

Customizable and granular rules, runbooks, and configuration options for industry- and company-specific use cases.

Guaranteed Service, Support, and Impact:

24/7 SOC specialists provide immediate tuning, proactive monitoring, and real-time incident response.

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