Bot Management Software: Guaranteed Results Stopping Bots With Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs has demonstrated results supporting enterprise CISOs in the fight against malicious bots, including reducing account takeovers (ATOs) by 98% without sacrificing good user throughput and improving ROI. Enterprises that partner with Arkose Labs have a guaranteed outcome backed by a $1 million credential stuffing warranty.

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What if you could deploy a bot mitigation solution that results in downstream cost savings? And reduce account takeovers by 98%while increasing good-user throughput by 80%? Those are the results enterprise customers share with us. Arkose Labs stops bot and fraud-farm attacks at your front door. We make it cost-prohibitive for adversaries to attack your website by increasing the time, expense, and effort it takes them to do so. Our holistic approach includes device fingerprinting, IP reputation, and behavior biometrics combined with a revolutionary challenge solution that perceives and anticipates bad actors. Our detection and mitigation platform sits on all consumer flows, orchestrating dynamic responses tailored to the attack pattern. We stop ATOs, SMS toll fraud, phishing, fake account signups, and more. CISOs have a guaranteed outcome: either Arkose Labs stops the attack, or we cover the loss. We’re the only company to offer a one-million-dollar credential-stuffing warranty. And you get 24/7/365 monitoring by our threat-research and SOC teams. Ready to stop bots, permanently? Book a demo today.


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With 20% of customers being Fortune 500 companies, Arkose Labs protects the world’s leading enterprises in major industries such as financial services, e-commerce, travel, technology, and telecommunications.