iGaming Fraud Detection & Prevention

iGaming has exploded in popularity in recent years. One only needs to look at the growth of sports betting to see the vast potential for iGaming platforms. For instance, betters even placed wagers on the color of a popular sports drink during the most recent Super Bowl.

Consumers can engage in iGaming around the world on websites or on their mobile devices via iGaming apps and online sportsbooks. This increased popularity has placed iGaming platforms in the sights of cybercriminals armed with the latest in automated bot technology.

Gaming Industry Threats Leveling Up

Gaming Industry Threats Leveling Up

iGaming platforms are considered ripe for exploitation by cybercriminals due to the money that is often exchanged on these platforms, as well as the potential for fraud. As such, iGaming providers are faced with the challenges of meeting compliance requirements while also providing a secure, yet engaging, platform for consumers.

When it comes to iGaming, ensuring consumer trust is paramount. This is why rooting out cybercriminals and stopping fraud and abuse on iGaming platforms is an imperative.

Mitigating the threat posed by automated bots will help to prevent large-scale attacks. The Arkose Labs’ bot management platform uses continuous intelligence to assess the risk associated with each user and presents adaptive challenges to risky traffic, thereby stopping fraud. Its unified approach evolves with changing attack patterns and keeps good user experience front and center, to support customer engagement levels on gambling applications.

Our platform is based on two interconnected components—Arkose Detect and Arkose Enforce. Arkose Detect is a dynamic risk engine that analyzes data from live user sessions to feed real-time insights into Arkose Enforce, the challenge-response mechanism. Arkose Detect uses deep device and network forensics, behavioral analytics, continuous intelligence, and historical attack pattern calibration to detect even the most subtle signs of fraud. Traffic is triaged based on its risk profile and Arkose Enforce presents dynamic challenges that increase in complexity with the risk of the user.

The innovative challenges of Arkose Matchkey negate the risk of defenses being scripted around at scale. While genuine consumers find the challenges fun and simple to complete, fraudsters are forced to spend more time and resources to clear the challenges at scale. This slashes their return on investment, compelling them to abandon attacks.

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