Solution Brief

Waste Fraudsters’ Time, Not Yours with Arkose Labs

Across industries, digital businesses have seen a dramatic increase in fraud over the last 12 months. It’s easier than ever for fraudsters to make a profit, launching bot attacks at scale for $15 a day or less. Meanwhile, security & fraud teams are working tirelessly to detect fraud and challenge suspicious traffic without creating too much friction for good customers. The Arkose Labs fraud & abuse prevention platform supports digital businesses by wasting fraudsters’ time instead.
Learn how Arkose Labs takes a fundamental shift in fraud prevention:
  • Sabotage fraudsters’ ROI with risk-decisioning and adaptive step-up authentication
  • Gain protection across the digital perimeter from ATOs, fake accounts, downstream abuse, and more
  • Create a secure and seamless experience for users, while stamping out bot and human-driven fraud with confidence

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