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Arkose Labs Joins the World Wide Web Consortium

October 13, 20213 min Read

Arkose Labs the World Wide Web Consortium

With its membership of the World Wide Web Consortium, Arkose Labs has joined the elite group of companies that are redefining the global norms for web development and cyber security. The membership will further strengthen our capabilities in developing solutions that help make the internet safer for everyone

Arkose Labs has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is now a part of the consortium of globally reputed organizations across sectors such as security, accessibility, data privacy, and more. The W3C is an international community where member organizations work together to develop web standards according to the evolving dynamics in the digital world.

We will be able to work alongside global changemakers and contribute to the development of the web standards of tomorrow with our fraud prevention perspective in mind.

Learn and adapt to the new standards

Arkose Labs is excited to join the W3C because this membership will further boost our commitment to striking a balance between usability and security. Our people will be able to join various groups, participate in important discussions, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the relevant areas. For instance, by participating in the group centered around data privacy, we will be able to ensure that our solutions comply with the global regulations mandating the privacy of consumer data. We will also be able to raise awareness about the need for data collection in order to continue making the Internet a safe place for everyone.

Accessibility is another thrust area where we intend to use the learnings from W3C groups to steer accessibility in our solutions and make fraud detection even more effective. At Arkose Labs, it is our constant endeavor to create enforcement challenges that are accessible to all user demographics, without compromising on security. Our partners, globally, trust us with efficient fraud defense. Therefore, we are obliged to develop solutions that not only prevent fraud but also ensure consumers’ digital journeys remain seamless by way of superior user experience that our partners are known for. As a member of the W3C, we will be able to leverage the expertise of the member corporations and use it as a guidance for our product development efforts. 

Similarly, we intend to actively use our W3C membership to engage in discussions with experts in device detection techniques, which can help us further sharpen our device forensics and strengthen our fraud detection capabilities. This expertise will help enhance our capabilities in gleaning relevant information about network authenticity, which in turn will allow us to pin down fraudsters even more precisely - without compromising data privacy of the users.

Cumulatively, these superior fraud detection and defense capabilities will only add to our partners’ trust in us as well as prospective employees, especially in the engineering space. 

To learn more about Arkose Labs’ membership of the W3C and how it will help supplement our fraud defense capabilities, please contact us now.