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Introducing Fraud Prevention Panel Series: Collaborate Fearlessly, Eliminate Fraud

March 15, 20213 min Read

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Arkose Labs is hosting a Fraud Prevention Panel Series from April 6-22, which will feature industry experts sharing insights in panel discussions and masterclasses relating to fraud, risk, and security. 

As life gradually returns to normal, the volumes of digital traffic and fraud will never return to what they were before the pandemic struck. This is due to the unprecedented increase in the number of users that have adopted digital channels for daily life activities during the lockdowns and who continue to benefit from the convenience that these channels offer.

What does all the heightened digital activity mean for fraud? The answer is simple—a proportional increase in fraud and online abuse, as fraudsters have a much larger window of opportunity to attack multiple touchpoints. Therefore, digital businesses will face a huge challenge trying to balance fraud prevention with seamless user experience, given the massive level of user engagement every single day.

Industry experts will discuss the pressing issues

To help businesses understand the threats specific to their industries and empower them to fight fraud with confidence, we are hosting the Fraud Prevention Panel Series from 6-22 April, 2021. These power-packed and insightful sessions will feature a world-class lineup of industry experts, including those from Chime, BBVA, Socure, Feedzai, Seon, PayPal, Mission Lane, WarGaming, LinkedIn, Pitney Bowes,, MoneyLion, Insparx, I2C, MRC, CyberSource, and Sony Interactive.

We have woven the Fraud Prevention Panel Series into four sessions so that the attendees get a holistic and in-depth understanding of the evolving threat landscape as well as the measures they can take to tackle them. These sessions will shine the spotlight on:

  • Account Protection
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Trust and Safety
  • Bankrupting Fraud

Enabling businesses to fight a deluge of evolving fraud

Through this Fraud Prevention Panel Series, we aim to enable businesses to fight a deluge of evolving fraud and abuse techniques and ensure long-term protection against attacks. Attendees will be able to join industry leaders for networking and interactive sessions. You will also learn about the latest fraud prevention trends, tools, and techniques, as well as participate in live demos and engage with experts in interactive masterclass sessions.

As an attendee to the event, you can connect with the industry experts via panels to discover their philosophies as they disrupt the way things are done in fraud prevention, uncover the novel attack patterns that show the ingenuity of the modern-day fraudster, learn how fraud, risk, and security have changed, and how fraud prevention experts are adapting to those changes. In addition, you can gain insights into the top tips for fraud prevention in 2021 as recognized industry experts discuss the trends in-depth.

In addition to the insightful panel discussions, you can attend masterclasses on Defeating ATO: The Fastest Growing Issue in Fraud, Effectively Measuring the Economic Impact of Fraud Prevention, Creativity and the Art of Authentication, and Anatomy of an Account Takeover Attack. These live demos and interactive masterclasses will leave you richer with actionable insights and takeaways.

Our Fraud Prevention Panel Series is free to attend and we look forward to hosting you. To engage with some of the brightest minds in the industry, please book your seat now by registering here.