The Academy of Fraud & Abuse Arts and Sciences


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The Academy of Fraud  & Abuse Arts and Sciences

    From the Desk of the President


April 29, The Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty One

Re: The 2021 Fraud-Academy Awards

Esteemed Members of the Academy;

It is with great sadness that I have to share with you the news that the 2021 Fraud Academy Awards — known throughout the world as the Fraudies –have regretfully had to be cancelled. We’ve all endured so much over the past year-plus and I know we were all looking forward to getting together in an intimate setting for an evening celebrating the best and brightest of our industry.

Sadly, there is not too much to celebrate this year due to the increasing popularity of the Arkose Labs Fraud & Prevention Platform among businesses that we used to be able to successfully target. This year’s awards have been canceled not because of a pandemic, but simply due to the fact that we have nothing to celebrate. 

Rich gold mines of financial account information, virtual gaming items, travel reward points, streaming media accounts to resell and so much more have disappeared. It’s costing us so much money and time to launch attacks, that we simply have not been able to turn a profit this year. All of our best bots have been stopped in their tracks. Our fraud farms have been stymied and rendered ineffective. Truly, these are dark times. 

It is amidst this current landscape that we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Fraud-Academy Awards. Believe me, it was an onerous decision that our executive committee wrestled with for many long days and nights. Many tears were shed. But with few demonstrated successes to celebrate, it would impugn the high character of what these awards stand for to go forward. The Fraudies ought to mean something, my friends. 

For many of you, and for myself as well, this is a concerning time. First, the pandemic-related lockdowns of last year forced the cancellation of the 2020 Fraud-Academy Awards and impacted the ability of our fraud rings to get together and work on our behalf. And now this. Many of you might be contemplating the odious possibility of obtaining a real job. I know I speak for the entire academy when I say that none of us wants to contemplate that eventuality. But we are fraudsters. We are resilient, innovative, and tenacious. We shall never give up the fight. We shall press on boldly. 

Unless, of course, the 2022 Fraud-Academy Awards also have to be canceled due to our attacks continuing to be detected and stopped. In that case, my friends, the academy may disband, and our communications with you ended. Let us hope it does not come to that.


Your President,

Borysko Melnyk

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