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The online gaming industry is seeing increasingly complex attack patterns

Online gaming has grown into a billion-dollar, global industry which demands seamless on-boarding of new players and real-time in-game purchases. However, gaming platforms have become an attractive target for fraudsters who have identified unique monetization opportunities within this industry and deploy increasingly inventive attacks.

Some of the most sophisticated attacks seen on the Arkose Labs network are those targeting gaming segments with attack rates on a steady rise.

Fake Account
Registration Fraud

Bots and human sweatshops create new malicious accounts that are used to ‘game’ the platform and players.

Account Takeover

Fraudsters hack into genuine accounts using stolen credentials to empty them of digital currencies and steal in-game assets.

Abuse Of
Gaming Platforms

Auction house abuse to create artificial inflation and phishing attempts targeting individuals on online messaging systems.

Payment Fraud Attacks

Stolen payment details are used to purchase gaming products fraudulently.

Scripted And Automated Attacks

Bots are deployed to initiate and complete gaming sessions in order to collect in-game currency or disrupt the gaming environment.

Fake Account
Registration Fraud

Uses bots and human sweatshops to create multiple accounts that are misused to ‘game’ the platform and players.

Account Takeover

Use stolen credentials to hack into genuine accounts to empty them of the digital currencies and valuable points to sell on third party sites and the black market.

Abuse Of Gaming Platforms

Including auction house abuse to create artificial inflation and phishing attempts targeting individuals on online messaging systems.

Payment Fraud Attacks

Use stolen credentials to purchase gaming products.

Scripted And Automated Attacks

Leverage bots to initiate and complete gaming sessions in order to collect game currency or disrupt the gaming environment.


Safeguard Gaming
Platforms with

Arkose Labs protects global gaming companies from evolving attacks and blocks all automated activity aimed at monetizing stolen data.

A unified approach combines risk decisioning with adaptive enforcement challenges to accurately distinguish fraudsters from genuine users and incrementally depletes the returns from the fraud attacks. This provides a long-term strategy for stamping out fraud and abuse on gaming platforms.

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Our Solution for Online Gaming

End-To-End Decisioning
And Authentication Platform

Enables gaming companies to accurately detect fraud and abuse in all its forms.


In-depth insights into fraudulent activity and assigns appropriate risk profiles.

Blocks All
Non-Human Activity

Stamp out all automated attacks with no negative impact to real users’ customer experience.


Targeted challenges which drain fraudsters’ time and resources to undermine their ability to attack at scale.

Risk Profiling Across
The Customer Journey

Risk analysis across all customer touchpoints detects all indicators of future fraud attacks.


The Arkose Labs

With the gaming industry being used by fraudsters to test out emerging attack techniques, Arkose Labs enables businesses to spot signs of fraud earlier and use targeted friction to stamp out abuse.

100% SLA

The only fraud prevention company with a guarantee on its primary function: preventing all automated fraud and abuse.

Shifts The
Attack Surface

Moves the attack surface away from the gaming platform, onto Arkose Labs’ own intermediary platform, for independent verification.


Fraud prevention that adapts to the evolving attacks patterns and understands the unique tactics targeting the gaming industry.


Bespoke enforcement challenges fit seamlessly into gaming platforms for minimal disruption to users.

Breaks Down The
Attack Economics

With Arkose Labs, attackers are unable to bypass the authentication challenges at scale and end up wasting resources in their attempts. This undermines the potential ROI and compels them to abandon attacks.

Self-Optimizing Platform

Insights from enforcement challenges are used to train the risk decision engine for improved future predictions.

Case Study

Gaming Giant Stops Automated Attacks and Saves Millions of Dollars


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