Fraud Prevention Software

Now more than ever, businesses need powerful fraud prevention software that matches capabilities fielded by cybercriminals.

Threat actors continue to target businesses across industries to commit fraud. Whether it is new account fraud, banking fraud, international revenue share fraud (IRSF), or identity theft, these tactics enable cybercriminals to make a quick buck. Furthermore, cybercriminals have advanced capabilities at the tip of their fingers through cybercrime-as-a-service offerings and marketplaces where they can purchase tools, like bots, that help them to commit their crimes. These advanced threats are difficult to detect and mitigate. As a result of a successful attack, a business’ bottom line can be impacted as well as its hard-earned reputation amongst its customers.

Bad Bots and Beyond: 2023 State of the Threat Report

Bad Bots and Beyond: 2023 State of the Threat Report

The role of bots in fraud

Cybercriminals have been increasingly enabled by the use of automated bots and botnets. Bots allow cybercriminals to automate much of their processes, or can be the tool that lets cybercriminals launch attacks at scale. For instance, a botnet can be used as part of a credential stuffing attack by using different combinations of login credentials to gain illegal access to an account. Bots can also be used to send phishing or spam messages that trick people into providing their credentials or personal data. As such, businesses should make sure that any fraud prevention software has robust bot management tools.

Fraud prevention for businesses

Fraud prevention software can help to uncover suspicious or fraudulent behaviors and flag them for further review. To combat the rising issue of bots and online fraud, fraud protection and prevention software should use pattern recognition, machine learning, and other analytical approaches to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, inflated clicks, and false impressions. Bot detection systems can also be used to differentiate between human and bot traffic, using triggers like CAPTCHA at the login or account creation flows to prevent payment fraud and account takeovers from occurring.

Fraud prevention with Arkose Labs

The Arkose Labs’ Platform classifies traffic based on the underlying intent of users and deploys appropriate countermeasures to remediate attacks in real time. Arkose Labs goes beyond stopping fraud attempts and attacks to deliver a long-term solution that deters cybercriminals while enhancing the good user experience for legitimate consumers.

In-depth protection with Arkose Labs enables businesses to take a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and abuse on their websites and apps, while enhancing user experience and customer loyalty.

Suspicious traffic is targeted with tailored Arkose MatchKey challenges that puts the right amount of pressure on fraudsters’ ROI without blocking the good user experience. Designed to deter large-scale attacks at the gateways of fraud, Arkose Labs enables retailers to eliminate fraud from their ecosystem early, reduce stress on any payment or account creation flows, and increase trust from consumers.

Arkose Labs is so effective that they even offer a financial guarantee with its $1 million warranties for both credential stuffing and SMS Toll fraud (IRSF).