Future-proof protection against evolving payment fraud attack patterns

For too long, businesses have accepted fraud losses as a ‘cost of doing business’ which perpetuates the problem and provides the financial incentive for fraudsters worldwide. Rather than playing a constant game of cat-and-mouse with the bad guys, Arkose Labs gets to the root of the problem by removing the economic incentive for fraudsters to even attack in the first place. In the end they are compelled to give up their attacks and choose a different target.
Arkose Labs provides a more robust approach to stamping out payment fraud with a platform that combines risk-based decisioning and targeted friction. Real-time risk assessments inform a unique challenge-response mechanism, which uses incrementally complex puzzles to sap fraudsters’ resources and eliminate unauthorized payments.

Card Testing Guarantee

Arkose Labs can protect against all automated card testing activity. This is backed by a commercial guarantee, giving organizations peace of mind that they are protected.​

Technology Highlights

Arkose Labs provides advanced protection against payment fraud. Using a long-term remediation approach, Arkose Labs breaks the economics of the attacks by dramatically increasing the time and resources needed to carry out successful attacks.


100% attack remediation SLA

Arkose Labs is the only company to offer a guarantee on stopping all automated payment attacks

Graduated risk-based friction

Authentication challenges which evolve with attack patterns and ensure legitimate users have the opportunity to prove their authenticity.

Self-optimizing platform

Continuous feedback loop between risk decisioning and enforcement challenge data fortifies the platform against evolving threats.

Shifts the attack surface

The Arkose Labs platform acts as an intermediary between fraudsters and the business’ digital properties for better protection.

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Platform Demonstration

See how the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform could help your business