Payment Fraud

Future-proof protection against evolving payment fraud attacks

Arkose Labs Solution for Payment Fraud

The Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Defense Platform combines risk-based decisioning and intelligent step-up authentication to slash payment fraud rates. Real-time risk assessments inform a unique challenge-response system, which delivers targeted friction in order to eliminate unauthorized payment attempts.

The Fraud and Abuse Defense Platform uses a combination of Arkose Detect and Arkose Enforce. Arkose Detect carries out real-time risk assessment of users. Using deep device and network forensics in conjunction with behavioral patterns, Arkose Labs validates third party signals, which help prevent unauthorized payments and fund transfers, without disrupting
the user experience for authentic users.

This digital intelligence informs Arkose Enforce, which then presents unique enforcement challenges to risky traffic. The challenge-response mechanism adapts to the risk profile of a transaction and is highly effective at eliminating automated attacks and preventing fraudsters from scaling up human-driven payment fraud.

Genuine users have an opportunity to prove their authenticity but fraudsters are forced to spend more time and resources clearing authentication challenges at scale. This slashes potential profit for fraudsters, compelling them to abandon the attack.

Technology Highlights

Sophisticated Risk Profiling

Sophisticated risk profiling triages traffic using deep device and network forensics.

Dynamic Risk Score

Dynamic risk score informs the platform on when to present step-up challenges.

Enforcement Challenges

Enforcement challenges are tailored towards the specific risk profile to root out bots, sweatshops and fraudsters.

The Nature and Complexity

The nature and complexity of challenges adapt intelligently and keep ahead of evolving threats.

A Self-Optimizing Platform

A self-optimizing platform, which is based on continuous learning from risk-based and challenge-response intelligence across 15+ billion transactions.

Historical Attack Pattern Calibration

Historical attack pattern calibration helps unearth and correlate patterns across use cases and industries for more accurate anomaly detection.

Arkose Labs provides powerful protection against evolving payment fraud patterns

CNP Transactions Using Stolen Card Details

CNP Transactions Using Stolen Card Details

Gift Card Abuse

Gift Card Abuse

Unauthorized Money Transfers

Unauthorized Money Transfers

Abuse of Stored Payment Details Accessed Through Account Takeovers

Abuse of Stored Payment Details Accessed Through Account Takeovers

The Arkose Advantage

100% Attack Remediation SLA

Arkose Labs is the only company to offer a guarantee on stopping all automated payment attacks.

Graduated Risk-Based Friction

Which evolves with the attack patterns and ensures legitimate users have an opportunity to prove their authenticity.

Self-Optimizing Platform

Which uses the feedback loop between risk decisioning & enforcement to continually fortify the platform against evolving threats.

Future-Proof Protection

Designed to render fraud unsustainable in the long-term.

Shifts The Attack Surface

away from the business, with the Arkose Labs platform acting as an intermediary to authenticate a transaction.


Fraud Elimination

Fraud Elimination

Detects & blocks both human & bot-driven attacks to reduce fraud by 50-90%.

Higher Customer Throughput

Higher Customer Throughput

Increases good customer throughput by 15-25%.

Real-time Remediation

Real-time Remediation

Adaptive, step-up challenges that include machine & human-specific challenges to effectively disrupt the techniques fraudsters use without disrupting user experience for valued users.


Arkose Labs integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure. It becomes an extension of your security and fraud teams without reverse proxies, daily rule setting, or third-party infrastructure.

JavaScript-based implementation with the client and server-side components makes it easy to deploy the solution. The majority of new Arkose Labs customers onboard within three weeks.


The Arkose Labs solution provides digital businesses with complete protection against payment fraud. Using a long-term remediation approach, Arkose Labs breaks the economics of the attacks by dramatically increasing the time and resources needed to carry out successful attacks. This renders attacks financially non-viable for fraudsters, while ensuring good customers can complete transactions in a simple and secure manner.

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