Bankrupting the Business of Fraud

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Bankrupting the Business of Fraud

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A Fundamental Shift in Fraud Prevention
The Arkose Labs platform undermines the economic drivers behind fraud until perpetrators are compelled to abandon attacks. Combining real-time risk classification of traffic with interactive enforcement challenges, the solution defeats automated attacks and roots out coordinated human-driven attacks. Targeted friction ruins attackers’ ROI, while allowing genuine users to pass with ease.

Customer Spotlight

Arkose Labs is trusted by security and fraud teams around the world.
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Matt Thomlinson EA

“Our team was amazed by Arkose Labs. Their definitive approach to remediating abuse freed up resources and energy so that we could focus on continuing to innovate the game for our loyal players.”

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Alex Weinert Microsoft

Arkose Labs’ technology is an important component of our multi-pronged approach to minimize fraud without negatively impacting legitimate customers.”

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Assaf Keren PayPal

“By collaborating with Arkose Labs, we continue to advance security and vigilance to a new level where merchants and consumers alike have even more confidence their transactions are safe.”

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Antoni Choudhuri Roblox

“The difference between Arkose Enforce and our past solution is night and day for us. Previous defenses created a bad user experience, while Arkose Labs solve the problem and make it fun for our users.”

Determine Intent Online: Eradicate Attacks

Arkose Labs determines true user intent by analyzing traffic for behavioral telltales of fraud and testing suspicious activity using interactive challenges. Authentication is correctly tailored to the exact risk profile to root out automated, human-driven and hybrid attacks, whereas true users pass with ease.

Automated Scripts

Stamp out high-velocity bot attacks used for credential testing, credential stuffing and scraping.

Trained Bots

Eliminate bots mimicking human behavior and posing as legitimate digital identities.

Human Fraud Farms

Identify traffic originating from click farms of low-skilled workers used to economically attack at scale.

Authentication Challenge Solvers

Authenticate traffic with innovative challenges that cannot be circumvented at scale.

Targeted Human-driven Attacks

Independent verification of traffic using behavioral analytics and known telltale signals of fraud.

Unique Blend of Risk-based and Step-up Authentication

Arkose Detect uses real time intelligence and rich analytics to provide invisible fraud prevention for up to 99% of good users. Arkose Enforce presents suspicious traffic with enforcement challenges which remediate threats in real-time, and provide good customers a simple way to prove their legitimacy.

Arkose Detect
Arkose Enforce

Zero Tolerance Approach to Fraud and Abuse 

Arkose Labs is the only vendor to provide a 100% SLA guarantee that it will eliminate large-scale attacks. 

Protect Against Evolving Threats Across the Full Customer Journey

Account Takeover

Prevent attackers from hacking into accounts using breached credentials.

Fake New Accounts

Prevent bulk account creation by fraudsters who exploit sign-up processes.

Payment Fraud

Slash fraud losses through payment attacks.

Spam & Abuse

Remediate large-scale spam and phishing attacks.

Web Scraping

Stop automated attacks targeting sensitive data on your websites and apps.

API Security

Powerful protection of your web and mobile-facing APIs.

Protect Your Business

Arkose Labs helps protect against evolving fraud techniques which target your most critical customer touchpoints.

Platform Demonstration

See how the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform could help your business