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6 Takeaways from RSA Conference 2022

June 13, 20224 min Read

True to its theme ‘Transform’, the RSA Conference 2022 was able to transform the fast-moving infosec landscape with insights and information nuggets from over 300 keynotes and sessions

The RSA Conference never ceases to amaze me. It’s one of the largest security conferences, but its latest in-person edition was something extraordinary. Over 20,000 delegates benefitted from mutual experiences and insights on the dynamic infosec landscape.

It was a unique opportunity for participants to learn invaluable lessons from some of the brightest minds in the industry and take away insights to help them fortify their own organization’s security posture. 

Here are my top six takeaways from RSA Conference 2022:


One of the key takeaways from the conference was the importance of collaboration and working collectively to fight an ever-evolving opponent. The focus of the panel discussions was on strategic security and privacy solutions that can inform the right approach to fight some of the most complex cyberattacks.We have seen a dramatic increase in both automated and human-driven attacks over the years.

During the first quarter of 2022, automated account takeover attacks were 30% higher than the average over the past three years.What begins as an attempt to steal consumers’ credentials or create new, fake accounts results in several types of fraud downstream. Therefore, protecting fraud losses and consumers requires stronger vigilance at the start of the customer journey in order to detect malicious activity where it originates - on login and registration workflows.

The speakers at RSA 2022 highlighted the attack trends that businesses must watch out for, including (but not limited to) low-and-slow advanced persistent threats (APTs) that stay under the radar to evade early detection and attacks focused on intellectual property and crown jewel assets.It has never been more important to keep tabs on the evolving threat landscape and prepare for what’s coming. This can help businesses take appropriate and timely steps to mitigate the impending risks. A multi-tiered security approach with access control measures can help businesses secure their critical assets and data.

Secure data

Data is the new currency and attackers are always looking to steal data to fund a multitude of crimes. From credential stuffing, password spraying, account takeover to new fake account creation, stitching together synthetic identities, sending out spam and launching sophisticated phishing scams, attackers are leveraging stolen consumer data to make money. It’s critical for businesses to put adequate checks and measures right at the start of the consumer journey to protect them and their digital accounts from bad actors.

Use smart fraud defense solutions

Fraud transcends borders and with greater use of connected devices, it’s becoming more and more challenging for businesses to protect themselves and their consumers. In the wake of increasingly complex attacks, businesses need smart solutions that can provide them with the required visibility into attack tactics so they are better prepared to ward off these attacks. They also need a novel defense strategy in order to adapt to the rapid changes in attack tactics and protect themselves long-term.An important takeaway from the conference was the willingness of executives to explore the latest fraud defense solutions. There were many product innovations on display and the Learning Labs filled participants in about solutions that could help them improve their security posture.

Bridge the skills gap

Another highlight of the conference which I think is crucial in today’s digital-first world is how to solve the skills gap. Skilled professionals can make all the difference to a company. I must add here that we are fortunate to have an extremely skilled team of professionals at Arkose Labs who put in their best efforts every single day to help our customers fight fraud efficiently.

Networking opportunities

The conference also provided excellent opportunities to network, make new contacts, uncover new opportunities, exchange ideas, and get inside information into the latest technologies and cybersecurity trends.

It was indeed an honor to attend the AustCyber Delegation Panel, organized by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade). We were also excited to co-host ‘Journey by the Bay’ – an after-event party – with Synack, AttackIQ, and Accenture. It was fun hanging out with like-minded people, collecting golden nuggets of wisdom and having a great time with the greatest American rock music playing in the background.