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The Arkose Labs and Ping Identity Partnership Will Elevate Protection of Logins and Account Registration

July 20, 20223 min Read

We are excited to partner with Ping Identity, one of the world’s leading IAM platforms, to provide digital businesses with an additional layer of protection against bot and human-led fraud attacks on account registration and login flows

Insights from the Arkose Labs Global Network reveal that the number of active bad actors has increased ten-fold since 2019. They tap into the cybercrime ecosystem for everything from toolkits and fraud-as-a-service to support, expertise, and intelligence – and use these resources to sharpen their attacks and devise new evasion techniques for consumer account-based fraud which continues to drive nearly 33% of cybercrime losses.

Businesses need an integrated security strategy

To fight an adversary that is growing in strength – in terms of numbers, resources, and expertise – it is important that businesses deploy enough checks and measures to protect their digital properties and assets.

As attacks become more sophisticated and complex, enterprises need a wider enterprise fraud defense strategy to secure multiple touch points and defeat the adversary with confidence. For a robust security posture, businesses must craft an integrated strategy that includes technologies and solutions such as web application firewalls (WAF), configuration management, CDN, SIEM, CIAM, and KYC, as well as a fraud strategy to fend off specialized fraud.

With our smart detection capabilities, proprietary enforcement challenges that are resilient to bots of various advancement levels, an award-winning fraud deterrence platform, data and insights sharing, and a large global network, Arkose Labs bankrupts the business of fraud by undermining the ROI behind attacks while improving good user throughput.

Collaboration with Ping Identity will strengthen the fight against fraud

Arkose Labs is on a mission to create an online environment where all consumers are protected from malicious activity. We are committed to helping our customers identify and stop bad actors – bots and malicious human click farms – to safeguard the interest of their consumers and ensure long-term account security against evolving threats.

We believe in collaborating with experts in the industry to strengthen the fight against fraud and provide businesses with robust protection against evolving attack tactics. True to our mission of creating a safe online environment, we have partnered with Ping Identity to create a secure identity ecosystem.

The partnership between Ping Identity and Arkose Labs, which leverages each of our distinct proficiencies, will help organizations offer seamless user experiences while reducing the risks associated with account takeover attacks and fraudulent new account creation. It will enable businesses to better identify good users up front, allowing consumers to easily sign up and log in. 

Superior protection at login and account registration stages

Bad actors are growing in numbers and are becoming more inventive. To counter their attacks and stop them, businesses need a multi-pronged solution to identify them accurately, without disrupting good users. The combination of Ping Identity’s best-in-class IAM platform and Arkose Labs’ Fraud Deterrence Platform will provide businesses with the finest identity solution on the market and provide an essential layer of security to protect consumers from complex digital fraud.

To learn how the combined prowess of Ping Identity and Arkose Labs will strengthen fraud prevention efforts of digital businesses and enhance protection of consumers’ accounts, contact us now.