Bot Management Software

Bots are everywhere on the internet. They are used to access data, post comments, spread malicious links, and threaten online organizations. As a business, it’s essential to protect your website from these automated attackers, something bot management software is designed to address.

Bot Management Software: Guaranteed Results Stopping Bots With Arkose Labs

Bot Management Software: Guaranteed Results Stopping Bots With Arkose Labs

Bot management software provides a critical tool for businesses to detect and prevent malicious bot activities while still permitting authorized bots, such as search engine crawlers, to access their websites and applications. Utilizing this type of mitigation software helps to eliminate the risks associated with bot-driven attacks and is particularly effective in thwarting automated attacks such as:

Over time, numerous bot management solutions have emerged to assist digital businesses in filtering out harmful bots. These solutions incorporate various technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and website development technologies.


Bot management software observes the incoming digital traffic on a website, app, or API to identify and prevent malicious activity. These solutions utilize various tools and technologies to help businesses differentiate between harmful bots and legitimate users. Such tools encompass artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, behavioral biometrics, device fingerprinting, and other similar techniques.


As digital interactions have grown in volume, so too has the occurrence of malicious bot activity. Additionally, bots have acquired human-like capabilities that enable them to interact with fraud solutions in a way that mimics human behavior. In situations where more intricate human interaction is necessary, these bots can hand over the attack to human click farms, further complicating the task of distinguishing fraudsters from legitimate users for businesses.

Currently, bot management software utilizes three distinct approaches – static, challenge-based, and behavioral – to detect and prevent bot-driven attacks. Depending on the severity of the threat, digital businesses may employ one or a combination of these approaches. They may also delegate bot management services to vendors that specialize in this field.

The Arkose Protect Platform

In today's world, where malicious actors can expertly impersonate digital identities, the most effective approach to distinguishing a legitimate user from a bot or fraudster is to identify indications of financially-driven behavior. The Arkose Protect platform is designed to expose and undermine the fraudulent business model, empowering digital businesses to effectively waste attackers' time and resources.

Our security platform, powered by AI, integrates defense-in-depth detection with dynamic attack response to navigate unclear trust signals without disrupting the good user experience. Fraud and security teams benefit from advanced detection capabilities, risk insights, and user-friendly enforcement options to progress from bot management to bot mitigation.

Modern fraudsters possess the tools and knowledge to imitate legitimate users and bypass security measures. Our multi-faceted detection system combines real-time device, network, and behavioral signals to uncover concealed evidence of bot and human-driven attacks, including location and device spoofing. Our system includes multi-layered device, IP, and behavioral detection, access to 70+ risk attributes for enhanced modeling, ML decisioning powered by over 150 global attack signatures, and 24/7 SOC threat analysis and tuning.

Arkose Labs combines highly-transparent detection with targeted attack response to catch fraud early in the customer journey, without impacting good users. Increase visibility to combat bad bots with Arkose Protect.