Ecommerce Security Software

eCommerce platforms have become more important than ever. Digitally native consumers have come to expect an accessible and frictionless retail experience with both web and mobile app touchpoints. The popularity of ecommerce enterprises have made them targets of cybercriminals, however.

In order to protect their enterprise and consumers from cybercriminals, ecommerce companies should ensure that they have the latest security software that detects and mitigates advanced threats, like automated bots

Protecting Shopper Trust – The Role of Early Fraud Detection in eCommerce Account Security

Protecting Shopper Trust – The Role of Early Fraud Detection in eCommerce Account Security

Cybercriminals’ tactics have created a need for ecommerce security software

The explosion of ecommerce enterprises and offerings has expanded the attack surface for cybercriminals. Now each individual account, along with sign-in or account creation touchpoints, are a potential avenue for a cybercriminal to commit fraud or turn a quick profit through ill-gotten gains. For example, a cybercriminal can use stolen or fake credentials to set up fake accounts or conduct an account takeover (ATO) attack to hijack a legitimate user account. These two tactics – often enabled by automated bots and sophisticated botnets – leave an ecommerce site exposed to potential fraudulent purchases or downstream attacks.

Attacks can also hurt an ecommerce enterprise’s reputation and bottom line as well. For instance, if a cybercriminal uses automated bots to pull off an inventory denial or web scraping attack that means legitimate consumers are unable to purchase a specific product. This hurts an ecommerce site’s reputation as consumers will view that company as unreliable and will take their business elsewhere

Arkose Labs security software protects ecommerce enterprises

Arkose Labs enables ecommerce enterprises to take a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and abuse on their websites and apps, while enhancing user experience and customer loyalty. By investing more time, money, and manpower into an attack, a cybercriminal will look elsewhere to salvage a profit. Arkose Labs understands this facet of cybercrime and makes an attack financially untenable to cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities found on ecommerce platforms.

Suspicious traffic is targeted with tailored challenges that puts the right amount of pressure on fraudsters’ ROI without blocking or compromising good user experience. Designed to deter large-scale attacks at the gateways of fraud, like user account creation and login flows, the Arkose Labs platform enables ecommerce sites to eliminate fraud from their ecosystem early, reduce stress on the payment flow, and increase trust from users.

If you would like to learn more about how Arkose Labs can help to secure your ecommerce enterprise from cybercriminals with its innovative security solution, schedule a meeting with us today.