How to Detect and Prevent Account Takeover Attacks and Protect Your Customers

Fintechs and banks face a complex and highly organised cybercrime ecosystem. The 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report predicted that by 2021 cybercrime will cause annual losses of $6 trillion globally.

For cybercriminals, fintech accounts are a prime target for attacks. They use sophisticated tools and methods to gain access to your customers’ accounts and monetise this compromised data. Fintechs need robust protection in place, which is in line with their commitment to user experience.

By understanding the attack patterns and motivations behind account takeovers, fintechs and banks can achieve long-term deterrence against attacks and help protect their customers and business in the fight against cybercrime.

In this webinar, experts from the banking and fintech industry discuss:

  • How bad actors target and monetise attacks against fintechs
  • Nine types of fraud that threaten trust in users’ account security
  • How increasingly unclear fraud signals allow attackers to access accounts undetected
  • How to recognise account takeover patterns to detect attacks
  • Steps you can take to deter cybercriminals against attacks and boost your protection

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