Arkose Labs protects businesses across industries from IRSF

Stop IRSF Fraud Targeting One-Time-Password Authentication

More and more businesses are reporting spiralling costs due to International Revenue Share Fraud (ISRF), whereby attackers hijack multi-factor authentication (MFA) for monetary gain. This originated as a scam targeting telecom companies, but now is affecting businesses of various industries as they look to secure digital accounts using voice and SMS one-time passwords (OTP).

IRSF happens when cybercriminals illegally infiltrate telecom operator’s networks or use rogue carriers to redirect calls and texts to premium rate numbers. They then use automated attacks on digital touchpoints that trigger OTP, such as account sign-ups and logins, earning a per-transaction payout of $1 or more. Read about what International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) means here.

ZeroBot Guarantee

The Arkose Labs solution is so effective at rooting out automated attacks, that it is backed by an SLA guarantee. This provides commercial assurance that it will defeat bots attacks within a set timeframe, protecting your users from phishing scams, malicious messages and other forms of abuse.

Arkose Labs Prevents Costly Downstream Losses

The problem with IRSF is that oftentimes it is not detected until it is too late and fraudsters have already done their damage. It’s challenging for businesses to get visibility into these attacks early enough to prevent them, as fraudsters have access to a range of tools to abuse consumer touchpoints and bypass traditional anti-bot defenses.
Arkose Labs helps businesses detect bogus account sign-ups and malicious logins, and eliminate the persistent attacks on user touchpoints that trigger OTP verifications.

Sophisticated risk engine

Embedded machine learning assesses real-time device & behavioral intelligence to identify and challenge suspicious traffic.

Interactive challenges

Custom challenges generated in real time are resilient to even the most advanced bot technology and continually waste human fraudsters time so that they give up the attack.

Anti-automation guarantee

Arkose Labs provides a 100% SLA guarantee that its customers are protected from large-scale automated attacks

Reduce reliance on MFA

In-session secondary screening of traffic before triggering OTPs means that businesses can rely less on costly MFA authentication methods.

Protection on any user touchpoint

Flexible solution that protects any user touchpoint that can be accessed in either a web or mobile application

Real time analytics

Our AI-driven decision engine uses advanced analytics to confidently root out suspicious traffic, determine the appropriate attack response, and adapt to evolving threats.

Now your business can estimate the cost savings associated with stopping SMS Toll Fraud, also known as IRSF.

SMS Toll Fraud (IRSF) is a type of cybercrime in which hackers use stolen accounts/numbers to send large volumes of SMS messages to premium rate numbers, resulting in significant charges for the account owner. IRSF can disrupt business operations, damage a company’s reputation, and lead to major financial losses, as well as a diminished ROI.

Quickly and easily estimate the potential cost savings associated with stopping SMS toll fraud, to make better decisions about cybersecurity strategies for the new year.

Use our calculator to estimate the potential cost savings from stopping SMS toll fraud in the new year!

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Total monthly SMS bill


Percent of SMS monthly bill from high-risk countries
i High Risk Areas: ‘TD’,‘NG’,‘KW’,‘SD’,‘AZ’,‘BO’,‘ID’,‘EG’,‘MY’,‘TZ’,‘KE’,‘YE’,‘JO’,‘RU’,‘LK’,‘OM’,‘GB’,‘IL’,‘VN’,‘BA’,‘BH’,‘GE’,‘RE’,‘MW’,‘PH’,‘BJ’,‘TN’,‘KG’,‘SI’,‘BD’,‘UA’,‘CO’,‘PR’,‘TJ’,‘IQ’,‘LY’,‘SN’,‘BF’,‘UZ’,‘PK’,‘PS’,‘ER’


Estimated percent of fake accounts being opened/fake SMS messages being sent


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