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Arkose Labs Introduces Arkose Detect for Smarter Detection

April 19, 20224 min Read

Arkose Labs is pleased to announce the launch of its latest offering, Arkose Detect™, which arms digital businesses with an invisible attack defense while maximizing their catch rate 

Fraud and security teams today are focused on two overarching objectives –  balance consumers’ online account security while at the same time reduce friction for genuine consumers during their digital interactions. Increasing online consumer engagement and a proliferation in the number of touch points is providing attackers with multiple opportunities to hack into consumers’ digital accounts, whether through credential stuffing, account takeover, new fake account creation, or any other means.

A transparent detection solution

To help alleviate the burden on fraud teams, Arkose Labs has introduced Arkose Detect, a new offering solely focused on deep detection and risk insights throughout a consumer’s online journey. Previously embedded in the company’s existing dynamic attack response solution, Arkose Protect™, Arkose Detect comes to market with the advantage of having been tested extensively on major global businesses, defending against billions of real-world attacks.

Arkose Detect provides teams a risk score that enables them to tune their internal fraud models to accurately detect malicious bots and human-driven attacks more than ever before.

That’s why we added into Arkose Detect more than 70 raw risk signals and over 150 pre-built insights derived from our global network. Arkose Labs shares these with its customers, making Arkose Detect the most transparent detection solution on the market. Furthermore, Arkose Labs’ customers can benefit from instant time-to-value and an immediate uplift in visibility into traffic risk. Using invisible assessments for risk-based decisioning and targeted response, it also helps improve the customer experience.

In the digital-first economy, data is the fuel that powers all decision-making. Arkose Detect leverages the collective data from some of the world’s biggest companies, to make it easy for digital businesses to detect and stop fraud attacks. It, however, makes evasion difficult for attackers with its defense-in-depth detection.

Smarter detection capabilities

Fraud is a moving target and businesses must arm themselves with the latest insights into evolving attack tactics to prepare for and fight the onslaught, successfully. To help businesses in this fight, we have worked over the last six months or so, to develop Arkose Detect. We have invested heavily in our detection technology and continue to work with our customers to add more traffic to Arkose Detect with an outcome being more risk intelligence data we can share with our customers.

Arkose Detect provides businesses with smarter detection capabilities based on real-time traffic-risk data. It includes our proprietary real-time risk assessments, machine learning analytics, SOC support, and transparent risk insights that allow digital businesses to strengthen their overall security posture with an invisible attack defense. It features a layered, AI-based foundation that drives up the attack costs and erodes the returns, making the attack economically non-viable and forcing fraudsters to abandon their attacks.

Ensure maximum catch rate

Accurate identification of bad actors is imperative in today’s dynamic digital economy where business models, customer touchpoints, and customer expectations are continuously evolving. Consumers’ account security and user experience are central to this dynamic landscape, and businesses are making every effort to achieve them. However, new and sophisticated attack patterns overshadow these efforts and result in increased costs and erosion of consumer trust.

Fraud and security teams need smarter detection capabilities that facilitate efficient fraud prevention. They need advanced detection solutions that provide trustworthy insights to help cut the noise and pin down bad actors with certainty. With real-time risk assessments, spoofing detection, behavior analytics, machine learning, and transparent risk insights, Arkose Detect is a smart solution that helps fraud teams gain the level of security needed against evolving attack patterns today. In addition, fraud teams stand to benefit from our industry-leading security operations center (SOC) that will continue to tune the detection signals to ensure maximum catch rate. 

To see the new, innovative Arkose Detect in action, please book a demo now.