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Get Deep Detection and Risk Insights with Arkose Detect

April, 27, 20224 min Read

Businesses need robust defenses to effectively protect their consumers from the onslaught of increasing attacks – both in volumes and severity. I am pleased to share that Arkose Detect™, our newly launched detection solution, is helping businesses outsmart attackers and bankrupt the business model of fraud

The threat landscape is evolving fast and attackers are using every piece of information, every tool available to sharpen their attack tactics. As a result, today, attacks are not only targeted and sophisticated, but also too complex for businesses to decipher. This complication hinders timely or preventive action.

If businesses are to match up to the adversary, they too must leverage the power of data. Not just any data, though; businesses need better, richer data that provides them with visibility into the traffic on their networks and novel attack patterns. These insights are critical for effective fraud prevention and offering consumers a great user experience.

To address these twin challenges – fraud prevention and user experience – that security teams face day in and day out, I am proud to announce the launch of Arkose Detect, our new solution that focuses solely on deep detection and risk insights. I am sure this product will prove to be a game-changer in the cyber security industry, just like our industry-first $1M credential stuffing warranty.

Clear-box decisioning, better catch rates

You’ll find Arkose Detect valuable because it works behind the scenes to help businesses effectively protect consumer accounts while also growing revenue by reducing friction for genuine consumers. It uses a defense-in-depth approach and analyzes hundreds of signals in real-time, across devices, networks, and consumer behaviors. Following a clear-box approach, Arkose Detect provides in-depth data insights to security and fraud teams, enabling them to improve the catch rates for malicious bots and persistent human click farms.

This layered, machine learning-powered solution bankrupts the business of fraud. It increases the costs of the attacks, which means the returns on investments keep diminishing for the attackers. When there are no profits in sight, attackers abandon their attacks on companies that use Arkose Detect.

Another USP of Arkose Detect is its ability to detect even the stealthiest of attacks. This ability emanates from the collective data analyzed from some of the world’s biggest and most targeted companies. As a best practice, we share data transparently with our customers, as a standard part of Arkose Detect. In fact, customers have access to more than 70 raw risk signals and 150 pre-built and optimized signatures, which makes it the most transparent detection product on the market today.

Targeted response for seamless user experience

Arkose Detect is known to provide consumers with a frictionless user experience. With invisible, frictionless assessments, our customers are able to gain data-backed insights that empower them to fine-tune their internal risk-based decisioning or deploy targeted responses, as required.

Further, Arkose Detect provides our customers with instant time-to-value due to an immediate uplift in traffic risk visibility. They also benefit from our 24/7 SOC support, where our teams assist them with custom fine-tuning for maximum detection accuracy. Our teams leverage specialized spoofing detection mechanisms and continuous innovation to help our customers stay ahead of the advanced attack tools and evasion techniques that attackers use.

Towards fraud deterrence with Arkose Detect

A dynamic, ever-evolving threat landscape means businesses must always be prepared to fight an impending attack. It’s never a good experience to be at the receiving end of an attack. Businesses not only suffer financial or reputational losses, but also long-term damages such as loss of business and customer churn.

It is no secret that businesses across industries are at an elevated risk. Shoring up their defenses to the safety levels needed today, will help them maintain their consumers’ account security as well as frictionless user experience.

I am buoyed by the results of Arkose Detect use so far. I am confident that this transparent detection solution will benefit your business in going beyond fraud mitigation to fraud deterrence.

To see how you can benefit from this innovative detection product, please book a demo now.