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Excited to be Steering Strategies at Arkose Labs to Help Eliminate Botnet Attacks

September, 21, 20224 min Read

Arkose Labs’ unique approach to bot management through its best-in-class solutions – which several Fortune 100 brands are using – and a team of people passionately striving to make the internet safer for everyone, attracted me to join this team

Even as you read this, thousands of bad actors globally are busy attacking various consumer touch points. Cybersecurity trends indicate that volumetric bot attacks have reached epidemic proportions. Recent analysis also reveals that 93% of the attacks are bot-driven and bot attack signatures are now three times more complicated today, which makes bot detection harder for businesses.

To protect businesses and consumers from the scourge of bot attacks, it is essential to build effective barriers and deter attackers. Even as businesses continue to make significant investments in solutions that help catch various types of bots such as scalper bots, OTP bots and so on, while allowing good users with the least possible friction, there are many challenges to overcome and many nuances to be considered. Fragmented bot detection methods and vendors’ ability to solve only a part of the problem, adds to the challenge.

Devise and implement strategies to stop botnet attacks

As a professional, who’s been associated with Google’s Cloud Security Unit and helped U.S. intelligence community, leading vulnerability management for the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as working alongside operating companies that were plagued with bot-perpetrated credential stuffing and account takeover attacks, I am aware of the extent of bot attacks plaguing digital businesses today. In my role as the Cybersecurity Intelligence Officer, I will help Arkose Labs devise and implement strategies that are essential for the private and public sectors to stop massive botnet attacks.

Arkose Labs keeps ahead of bad actors with a regular product innovation cycle

I am impressed by the path breaking work Arkose Labs is doing in the bot management space, especially the unique approach to eroding the returns from an attack and making it financially not worthwhile. What makes Arkose Labs stand out from other vendors in this space is its ability to evolve products faster than bad actors can change-up their bot attacks.

Many CISOs have told me that after six months, other bot management vendors are no longer effective simply because they cannot out-innovate fraudsters. Today’s adversary is highly incentivized and continues to deploy new types of bot attacks because they are incredibly profitable. The only way, therefore, to beat bots for good is by increasing the fraudster’s effort to attack, thereby eroding the ROI from each attack. And Arkose Labs is the only vendor out there that has figured out how to do that without skimping on a regular cycle of product innovation. It not only leverages the latest technologies to innovate and develop a product that’s unique and patented, but also backs it up with an industry-first $1M credential stuffing warranty.

Unlike several other bot management solutions on the market, Arkose Labs’ solution features a feedback loop, which enhances its potential to extend the platform to other detection and enforcement solutions. This end-to-end solution can, therefore, help solve the biggest problems that CISOs face today – beating the adversary to the point that they give up and go away for the long-term.

Product reach, recognition, and backing of investors and clients

Another reason I am excited to be a part of Arkose Labs is the company's global reach, industry recognition, and the backing of investors and clients.

Serving industry stalwarts, Fortune 100 companies, and top brands in the world, Arkose Labs enjoys an enviable opportunity to solve scale challenges both at the system and organization levels.

Impressive core values of the company

I am also quite impressed with the people and culture at Arkose Labs. People are the most important assets of an organization and Arkose Labs has my full marks on this count.

Right from the leadership team to the people across departments, the domain knowledge and the passion for the product are incredible, with the core values of the company driving every action of each employee.

With its cutting-edge solution, Arkose Labs is right at the forefront of the fight against bots, ensuring consumers have a frictionless online experience and businesses incur reduced financial losses. I am happy to be joining a team of passionate people that’s striving to achieve the lofty mission of creating an online environment where all consumers are protected from malicious activity. I am truly looking forward to sharing the passion and vision of creating a safer internet for all.