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How Q1 Product Enhancements Help Our Customers Get Ahead of Fraud Prevention

February, 10, 20224 min Read

As the Chief Product Officer here at Arkose Labs, I am proud to announce some of the latest developments to our market-leading fraud and abuse defense platform. We are on the front lines of protecting against evolving fraud and bot attacks, alongside our customers. That’s why we are constantly iterating on our product, and helping our customers keep ahead of the latest threats.

Enhanced Risk Detection Engine

Arkose Labs recently made a number of enhancements to its risk detection engine, to bolster our resilience to advanced spoofing techniques from attacks, and enhance our behavioral biometrics capabilities.  

Enhanced Behavior Telemetry and Detection

To keep ahead of the increasing sophistication of attacks, we have added more data points to our detection capabilities and enhanced our behavioral data telemetry.

Arkose Labs analyzes the behavioral patterns on user actions and enforcement challenges to distinguish between real humans and advanced bots attempting to emulate human behavior and responses. Due to the combination of our detection and challenge technology, Arkose Labs is uniquely positioned to deliver more conclusive behavioral insights than other vendors. 

  • Data collected includes mouse movements and clicks, touchscreen interactions and keypress events, and does not include any PII.  
  • Arkose analyzes the behavior telemetry data and uses this to create new global and/or custom telltales, depending on the attack pattern.
  • Behavioral signals are shared with customers via existing APIs.

New Real-time Aggregation Engine

The new Real-time Aggregation Engine (RTA) is a real-time system for identifying attacks coming from unique identifiers. It detects anomalies in the volume of sessions from such identifiers. The engine can track both volumetric as well as low and slow attack patterns, by analyzing network and device signals. 

Underneath the engine is a flexible and scalable system that can track aggregations of unique identifiers over multiple time periods across the entire Arkose Global Network. These aggregations will be shared back to customers via our APIs and help us defeat bot and fraud farms going forward. 

New and Improved Risk Score 

We have developed a new machine learning algorithm to calculate our Risk Score, expressing a numerical value to each session based on its risk level. Risk scores are calculated in real-time from the telltales triggered during a session and their associated weights. Risk Score advantages include:

  • Easier reporting: A single number is easier to integrate with internal security and fraud reports. If you need to understand why a session received a particular score, its associated telltales and data points continue to provide transparency into the process.
  • Flexible response strategy: You can combine Arkose Labs’ risk score with your own internal score, creating an enhanced risk score. This can be sent back to Arkose and inform our challenge-response strategies.

Introducing Arkose Command Center

The all-new Arkose Command Center is our customer portal, which has been redesigned as a powerful central hub for data insights and self-service functions. Its improved data presentation empowers security analysts and business users alike to better understand and mitigate attacks. 

We have designed user-centric dashboards, starting with the Overview Dashboard, which highlights the Arkose platform's effectiveness and creates transparency around attacks and mitigation strategies.

Our Detection Dashboard provides transparency into the Arkose Decision Engine’s rules and methods. Security analysts wanting to understand the ‘why’ behind the metrics should find this particularly useful. 

Finally, for sessions flagged by the Decision Engine, our Challenge Dashboard clearly shows the distribution and effectiveness of the deployed challenge techniques.

The same filtering options across all user-viewable charts drive all the dashboards, creating a seamless data discovery and analysis experience for all.

Challenge Technology Updates

We continued to improve our Enforcement Challenge’s UX and security, to further advance our market-leading challenge-response technology.

New visual challenges combining very good security properties with very low friction for end-users. These are extensively tested by our Security Artists for defensibility against the latest machine learning powered perceptual hashing techniques, which attempt to solve these challenges at scale.

We have also been building out our audio games catalog to improve our accessibility mode’s UX and security. In the last quarter, we added several new audio puzzles with some innovative approaches to test for distinguishing between good users and attacks.

New Mobile SDK for Easier Integration into iOS and Android Applications

As so many of our customers use Arkose Labs for mobile applications, we have launched a Mobile SDK for iOS and Android OS to simplify mobile deployment. This brings all Arkose Labs’ mobile app protection capabilities to the native environment without needing any complex integrations.

Attackers never stop evolving and neither do we. Our customers can be assured that Arkose Labs is continually improving the product to ensure they are protected against the latest and most advanced attacks.