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Register for the Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Panel Series 2022 to Collaborate Fearlessly and Eliminate Fraud

April 25, 20223 min Read

Honoring the popular demand, we are hosting our Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Panel Series 2022 this year on 26th April, 3rd May, and 10th May. Join in to hear industry experts as they share insights on how they fight complex attacks. Plus, get a bonus – an inside peek into the workings of the Dark web!

An unabated increase in complex cyberattacks is putting businesses on the backfoot. Despite significant investments in security solutions, businesses are still engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with attackers. What are businesses lacking in their fight against fraud? How can they improve their fraud prevention strategies? What industry-specific insights can help them protect their consumers better?

To discuss these pertinent questions, understand the changing dynamics of attacks across industries, and share best practices for effective fraud prevention, we are back with our second annual Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Panel Series on 26th April, 3rd May, and 10th May. 

Discuss the hottest cybersecurity challenges

This year’s virtual event is a bit different. It not only features acknowledged experts in cybercrime prevention, but also those who have the insider information of the workings of the Dark web! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to hear these rare insights. Plus, you can choose to attend the APAC and EMEA sessions.

The Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Panel Series will feature industry stalwarts from global brands including Amazon, Robinhood, and PayPal, among others, who will share how they battle digital fraud and sophisticated attacks. The fraud prevention experts will share their informed views on how fraud, risk, and security have evolved, and how they are adapting to these changes.

The three days of extensive brainstorming will help participants learn about the latest tactics, as well as tools and techniques attackers use to attack businesses and evade detection. Book your seat to join a galaxy of eminent industry experts as they discuss the hottest cybersecurity challenges plaguing businesses across industries and ways to make the leap from fraud mitigation to fraud prevention.

You can engage with the panelists and experts in interactive talks and spotlight sessions to learn how bad actors plan and execute sophisticated attacks and discuss the latest trends in fraud deterrence and account security.

We have created especially crafted sessions to explore the three hottest topics in fraud and online security today. The sessions, as described below, will help you learn about bot detection, protecting consumers’ accounts, and graduating to fraud deterrence.

  • 26th April: Preparing for the Intelligent Bot Revolution: Stop bot-driven fraud attacks that target digital businesses and customers.
  • 3rd May: Top Account Strategies to Build Customer Trust: Safeguard digital accounts and create trust among your customers.
  • 10th May: How to Move from Fraud by Mitigation to Deterrence: Achieve long-term deterrence against sophisticated attacks.

Brainstorm to fight sophisticated attacks together

Fighting fraud requires fearless collaboration. The free virtual panel series is your chance to connect with industry experts and learn how some of the world’s leading brands are battling digital fraud.

I invite you to join us as we explore the pressing challenges of fraud and online security. Together we can fight an adversary that is motivated, resourceful, and well-networked. Book your seat for the Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Panel Series today. Register for free now.