New Account Fraud

Arkose Labs provides long-term, effective protection against fake account creations.

Arkose Labs Solution for New Account Fraud

Arkose Labs’ Platform combines continuous risk assessment with tailored enforcement challenges to provide long-term, robust protection against new account fraud.

The Arkose Labs Platform uses a two-step system: Arkose Bot Manager and Arkose MatchKey.

Arkose Bot Manager is a global risk engine that analyzes in-depth digital intelligence about the user to understand underlying intent and provide risk scores.

Based on these insights, Arkose MatchKey then delivers tailored enforcement challenges to suspicious users. The challenge-response mechanism adapts to the risk profile of a session and is highly effective at eliminating automated attacks and preventing fraudsters from scaling up human-driven attacks.

Genuine users can easily prove their authenticity, while fraudsters are deterred from creating new accounts in bulk due to the increase in time and resources needed to clear challenges. This slashes their ROI and causes them to abandon the attack.

The Arkose Labs solution guarantees defense against large-scale, automated attacks, meaning that fraudsters cannot get enough economic return from new account fraud. Businesses who use the Arkose Labs platform can rest assured that they have the most resilient protection in place against this type of fraud.

Technology Highlights

Unified platform based on continuous learning between risk-based and step-up authentication results.

Acid Test which differentiates between human traffic and automated attacks.

Detailed risk profiling using deep device and network forensics combined with behavioral analytics.

Targeted enforcement challenges which adapt to the risk profile of traffic and stay ahead of evolving threats.

Effective protection against attack types, including single request attacks, scripted attacks, trained bots and sweatshop activity.

Incremental friction which saps fraudsters’ time and resources and compels them to abandon attacks.

Arkose Labs Provides Powerful Protection Against Fake Account Creations

Fraudulent Credit Applications

Fraudulent Credit Applications

Credential Testing

Credential Testing

Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Abuse of Free Trials

Abuse of Free Trials



The Arkose Advantage

100% Attack Remediation SLA

Arkose Labs is the only company to guarantee a solution which blocks all automated attacks and prevents fraudsters from attacking at scale.

Digital Intelligence and Forensics

Arkose Labs provides sophisticated risk profiling using historical behavior analytics, sharing outcomes across the customer network.

Real-time Protection

Graduated risk-based friction evolves with attack patterns and allows legitimate users to prove authenticity without negatively impacting user experience.

Self-optimizing Platform

Constant feedback loop between Arkose Bot Manager and Arkose MatchKey constantly improves fraud detection rates with fewer challenges.

Future-proof Protection

Long-term remediation renders fraud unsustainable and unprofitable, compelling fraudsters to abandon attacks.


Arkose Labs is easily incorporated into existing infrastructure. It becomes an extension of your security and fraud teams without server-side proxies, daily intervention, or external systems.

The solution is user-friendly, with JavaScript-based applications for both client and server. Most new Arkose Labs customers fully integrate the solution within three weeks.


Slash Fraud Losses

Slash Fraud Losses

Detects and blocks human and bot-driven attacks to reduce fraud by 50-90%.

Streamline Authentication

Streamline Authentication

Secondary screening which appears in band for a seamless user experience.

Block Sweatshop-Driven Attacks

Block Sweatshop-Driven Attacks

Proactively identify traffic originating from organized sweatshops and click farms.


Arkose Labs provides long-term, intelligent protection against new account fraud. Arkose Labs is the only provider on the market offering comprehensive fraud prevention that seamlessly combines data analysis via Arkose Bot Manager, with tailored step-up challenges created by Arkose MatchKey.

These challenges significantly increase the time and resources needed to carry out account registration attacks, rendering them financially non-viable for fraudsters. Genuine users, on the other hand, enjoy a seamless sign-up experience and can transact safely and securely on websites and apps.

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