New Account Fraud

Detect Attackers Before They Make an Impact

Arkose Bot Manager for New Account Fraud

Arkose Bot Manager is the most advanced platform in the industry to proactively detect attackers and deliver adaptive responses against new account fraud. Its engine gathers high-risk data from a global consortium and analyzes in-depth digital intelligence to understand underlying user intent and provide risk scores. The sophisticated algorithm leverages 125+ real-time device, network and behavioral risk signals with adaptive, dynamic response.

Detection models enable genuine users to sail through unchallenged, for easy and secure digital experiences. But when malicious traffic is encountered, the platform expertly confronts it in real time via a state-of-the-art series of challenges with industry-leading security. The platform also includes email risk intelligence, which stops bad actors in their tracks from utilizing high-risk email addresses often used to create fake new accounts.

Enterprise Platform Highlights

Patented decisioning platform

Real-time feedback loop

Global intelligence network

Real-time data visibility and integration

Enterprise-grade scalability

GDPR privacy compliance

WCAG2.2 Level AA accessibility certification

“We were looking to prove value in the detection of critical risk while also reducing the number of fake accounts on our platform. With Arkose Labs, we were actually able to achieve both of those goals."

Nick Reva

Security Engineering Leadership


The Arkose Advantage

Powerful Collective Impact

Global Intelligence Network data consortium for intelligence sharing

Unrivaled Threat Research

Dedicated threat-hunting, disarmament and enforcement

Pioneering Technology

Proactively identifies attackers and effectively stops attacks

Transparent Risk Signals

Real-time threat and response visibility for downstream decisioning

Proven at Scale

Trusted by the world’s largest B2C and global brands

Global, Proactive Support

24/7/365 SOC meets all cyber and privacy regulations


$1M warranties per event for cyberattacks

ACTIR and the Arkose Labs SOC: Proactive Defense

Arkose Labs works as an extension of your team to thwart attacks fast and deliver actionable insights without putting a strain on your internal resources. The Arkose Cyber Threat Intelligence Research unit (ACTIR) safeguards against online attacks through threat hunting, risk intelligence, disarmament and virtual enforcement, while the 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) team is dedicated to delivering rapid response against large-scale attacks.

Arkose Labs in Action

How Snap Replaced a Leading Bot Mitigation Solution To Dramatically Reduce Fake Accounts On The Web

Snap sought a solution to enhance its security posture by removing bad actors and demonstrating cost savings – improving the detection of critical risks, reducing fake account creation, initiating risk scoring, and managing challenge orchestration to treat sessions appropriately while significantly reducing latency.

Results with Arkose Labs

  • Stopped critical login attempts by bad actors
  • Improved security posture for end users and the platform
  • Significantly reduced sign-up verification SMS abuse

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