Fraud in 2021: 6 Trends Fraudsters Don’t Want You to Know

Watch this webinar to hear data and insights from Arkose Labs’ Q2 Fraud Report, including the new trend of more human involvement in attacks. The increase in humans taking part in attacks speaks to the increasing relevance of so-called “cyborg” attacks — with fraudsters deploying a mix of bots and click farms to successfully pull off attacks. Learn about proprietary data from the latest fraud attack trends as seen on our global network, which encompasses clients in nearly every industry worldwide, including financial services, gaming, media, and more.

The webinar hosted by Lizzie Clitheroe, Sr.Director of Product Marketing, and Mike Daley, Sr. Solution Engineer, covers:

  • Key highlights from 2021 Q2 Fraud Report
  • Deep-dive into new fraud attack trends
  • Analysis of human-bot hybrid attacks

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