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Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform

Unified platform with risk-based profiling and intelligent step-up authentication working hand-in-hand to protect against emerging fraud tactics.

Arkose Labs believes that combating the growing online fraud epidemic requires a solution that resets the balance of power between fraudsters and businesses. Authentication technology that actively undermines the economic incentive behind attacks will provide the only long-term solution to combatting large-scale fraud.

The Arkose Labs platform is designed to break down the business model of fraud by sapping attackers’ time and resources until attacks become financially non-viable. Achieving this in a way that does not negatively affect good customers requires an intelligent mix of real-time risk decisioning with next-generation enforcement challenges.


How it works

Unified platform that analyzes data from user sessions to determine the context, behavior, and past reputation of every request. Depending on the assigned risk score, users are presented with enforcement challenges that differentiate between true users and fraudsters with certainty.

Arkose Detect

A dynamic risk engine that uncovers the underlying intent of users

Arkose Enforce

A challenge-response mechanism that roots out malicious humans and bots

Passing Authentic Traffic

Shifting the Attack Surface

Arkose Labs relieves the burden on your in-house resources and provides an intermediary platform to verify requests. Arkose Labs provides a buffer between fraudsters and the websites and apps they are so practiced in attacking. Authentic traffic is passed on to the enterprise, while inauthentic requests remain in a gridlock.

Fraud Prevention

Demand more from your partner in fraud prevention

Arkose Labs helps you adopt a zero-tolerance approach which stamps out fraud and abuse at scale.

SLA Guarantee

Commercial assurance that your websites and apps are protected from large-scale fraudulent requests.

Seamless Integration

No reverse proxies, third-party infrastructure, daily rule-setting or single point of failure.

Democratized Defense

Fraud intelligence shared across a global network to disarm attackers


Integrations have been statistically proven to achieve the same good customer throughput as using no defense

Arkose Detect

A sophisticated risk engine which analyzes the authenticity of requests in real time


Go Beyond Traditional
Authentication with
Arkose Labs

Arkose Detect is a dynamic risk engine that analyzes data from user sessions and their interactions with technology.

It unearths behavioral patterns across devices & networks in real-time for accurate behavioral analytics and anomaly detection. Arkose Detect profiles traffic and triages it based on the underlying intent of the user, which informs dynamic authentication challenges through Arkose Enforce.

Uncover the most
subtle signs of
fraudulent activity

Arkose Detect provides rich insights into the authenticity of requests, without ever blocking true customers.

In a world where digital identities have been corrupted en masse, Arkose Detect looks for hidden signs of fraud based on data from user sessions and behavioral patterns over time.

Seamless integration with Arkose Enforce provides a constant feedback loop on the accuracy of its risk scores, making it the fastest learning fraud decision engine on the market.

Technology Highlights

Arkose Detect Key Features

Real-Time Digital Intelligence

A dynamic risk engine that unearths behavioral patterns across devices and networks in real-time.

Sophisticated Risk Profiling

Multi-layer analysis that incorporates deep device and network forensics, location assessments, behavioral biometrics, and more.

Risk Classification And Risk Score

Traffic is triaged based on its risk profile to determine the most effective authentication workflow.

Historical Attack Pattern Calibration

Insight into emerging trends and improved anomaly detection.

Embedded Machine Learning

Self-optimizing system which improves with each assessment.

Dashboard and Visualization

Actionable intelligence and end-to-end insights across all customer touchpoints.

Arkose Enforce

Compel fraudsters to abandon attacks with incremental authentication challenges


authentication to
protect an enterprise
from fraud and abuse

Arkose Labs’ innovative approach to step-up authentication provides graduated, risk-based friction that drains fraudsters’ resources – while allowing real customers a fun way to prove they are legitimate.

Arkose Enforce is a challenge-response mechanism that works in conjunction with Arkose Detect to authenticate unrecognized requests. Only legitimate activity is passed on to the enterprise, giving digital businesses full confidence that they are transacting with legitimate customers.

Challenge-Response Mechanism

Arkose Enforce presents intelligent challenges that cannot be bypassed at scale

Attackers have learnt the tools and techniques required to fool legacy fraud and authentication steps. They can dupe other visual challenge-response technologies at scale using low-cost image processing tools to categorize third-party visual data.

In contrast, responses to Arkose Enforce are generated from proprietary visual data that cannot be recognized and categorized by machine vision algorithms.  Secure responses augment in real-time and prevent attackers from anticipating how Arkose Enforce will behave in the future. Arkose Enforce prevents large-scale automation and increases the operational costs for attackers.

Arkose Enforce Solution Brief

Legacy fraud and abuse prevention technologies fail to deliver a zero-tolerance approach to fraud alongside a good customer experience.

Automated Attacks

Zero-tolerance to
automated attacks
and digital sweatshops

Attackers launch account takeover, new account registration and payment attacks using automated tools, bots, and digital sweatshops. Enforcement challenges counter such attacks by programmatically introducing uncharacteristic visual data into secure responses.

This targeted friction causes automated responses to fail and puts strain on sweatshop-originated attacks by demanding additional time and money to be spent on attacks. This undermines the return on investment and compels fraudsters to abandon attacks due to lack of profitability.

Technology Highlights

Arkose Enforce Key Features

Dynamic Defenses

Arkose Enforce continuously adjusts the challenge to protect it against computer vision, brute force, and Single Request Attacks.

Definitive Classifications

Enforcement challenges determine whether a request is authentic or fraudulent with new certainty.


Arkose Enforce is Section 508-compliant and can authenticate people of varied abilities in 31 languages.

Shrinking Friction

Enforcement challenges validate risk decisioning from Arkose Detect incrementally minimize false positives.

Throughput Efficacy

Arkose Enforce’s targeted friction has been statistically proven to achieve the same throughput as when an enterprise uses no defense.

SLA Guarantee

Enforcement is commercially guaranteed to prevent inauthentic requests from achieving viable scale.

SLA Guarantee

The only fraud decisioning platform with a 100% SLA

Arkose Enforce is commercially guaranteed to
prevent inauthentic requests from achieving
viable scale


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