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A Fantastic Opportunity to Work With Incredibly Talented Professionals in the Industry

November, 5, 20203 min Read

There is not just one reason for my decision to join Arkose Labs, there are many. And they align with how a late-stage growth equity investor might approach its investment in a company like Arkose Labs

At this juncture when Arkose Labs is on an explosive growth path, I find it to be a perfect opportunity to step in as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer and help expand the company’s growth trajectory during this critical time. To say that I am eager to be a part of this effervescent workplace will be an understatement, as there are so many compelling reasons that pulled me towards Arkose Labs.

Scale of opportunities

One of the biggest reasons is the scale of opportunities that the company enjoys. We know we are in a digital-first economy where every business must facilitate online interactions—whether it is payments, funds transfer, entertainment, socializing, tech enablement, and so forth. And, we also know that digital transactions open up a large window of opportunity for fraudsters to exploit and abuse. As such, every digital business is a potential target for fraud and online abuse. Therefore, the total addressable market (TAM) for the Arkose Labs solution is huge. While it is difficult for me to provide specific metrics here, I can say with complete confidence that any business—with a digital presence—or website can leverage the Arkose Labs technology to fight fraud and online abuse.

Technology and the vision

Arkose Labs uses advanced technology that is not only unique, disruptive, and patented, but is also embraced by some of the most influential early adopters. I must add that this impressive list even boasts of users who may spring a surprise as early adopters of such technology. That said, the way Arkose Labs makes even high-end technology simple to use and achieve remarkable results makes it a truly bankable proposition.

Being a technology-driven company, it is obvious that the latest technological advancements assume a significant role at Arkose Labs. However, it is the vision of the founders and the management team that is driving the technology on the right trajectory and being used productively to help businesses strike the right balance between fraud prevention and user experience. It is always a huge plus to have industry-leading strategic investors by your side. And, when the existing venture capitalist investors—particularly, the strategic investors—at Arkose Labs detailed out the vision and the opportunity that the company brings in, I almost instantly made up my mind to join Arkose Labs.

On an explosive growth path

I truly believe that the stage of business, which Arkose Labs is currently in, is absolutely fantastic. This is because it provides me with an opportunity to be part of a high-profile VC-backed start-up, where I can contribute to fuel the explosive growth of the company. I am also excited to be partnering with and advising an incredibly bright and charismatic founder CEO, Kevin Gosschalk.

Kevin's ability to tell the compelling story of the growth path that Arkose Labs has trodden and the trails the company has blazed, left me intrigued. He, along with the entire management team, is very impressive and I was absolutely sure that I would have a great experience working with this talented bunch of people. 

I am earnestly looking forward to working with some of the finest professionals in the industry. If you would like to reach out to me, please feel free to do so. You can also engage with the industry leaders for networking and masterclass sessions at the  Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit by registering here.