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Arkose Labs is Committed to Help Forge a More Gender-Equal World

March 8, 20213 min Read

Organizations that embrace gender equality and diversity are better positioned for a competitive edge. At Arkose Labs, we continuously #choosetochallenge ourselves to create a more inclusive and gender-equal workspace

“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”– Helmut Schmidt

Being able to acknowledge and assess where you currently are and where you aim to go is important. We need to constantly check in and push for further progress on all topics, especially gender equality, and continuing to create a diverse and inclusive work environment

On International Women’s Day, we want to highlight some of the activities we’ve undertaken as a company to create an equal space that could also help you and your company: 

  1. Review hiring practices: In an internal study done by Hewlett Packard, it’s been indicated that women will only apply to jobs if they meet 90% of the qualifications. This may discourage many deserving women from applying for a job. To ensure we don’t lose out on great talent because of this, we reviewed all our job descriptions to ensure they are realistic about ‘must haves’ vs ‘nice to haves’. 
  2. Promote from within: When possible and practical, elevate the awesome women in your workplace. This not only provides people with an opportunity to grow professionally but also continue contributing to the company’s growth. Vanita Pandey was recently promoted to Chief Marketing Officer, recognizing her thought-leadership, hard work, and success. She is committed to promoting from within and ensuring that the voices and accomplishments of her peers have the same visibility and acknowledgment. We’ve made many great strides of increasing the gender balance across all departments and are committed to furthering this effort. 
  3. Keep talking about it: Women are key contributors to the success of a company at all points throughout the year. Then why should their contributions only be celebrated on International Women’s Day? We must continue to talk about it often. At Arkose Labs, we have a Women of Arkose Employee Resource Group (ERG) with an executive sponsor in place to help hold us accountable as a company for doing better. On top of our Women of Arkose ERG, we have several other ERGs and are constantly looking to expand these employee-led groups.   

These are only three of the many actions we’ve taken so far as we reflect on International Women’s Day and how we aim to #choosetochallenge. We strive to promote a more diverse workforce and ensure we hire competent women across all the departments. Our active attention has helped us make significant strides in this area. We challenge everyone to reflect on the steps you can take in your personal and professional lives that would help forge a more gender-equal world. 

For more information and resources on International Women’s Day this year, check out this page.