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I Am Excited About the Social Impact of Arkose Labs

July, 29, 20213 min Read

As part of the team at Arkose Labs, my goal will be to make the internet safer for everyone, which is a massive opportunity to create a positive social impact

The internet has given us countless innovations that make our lives better, but we have also become more vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated fraudsters.  Even as you read this, there are tens of thousands of fraudsters around the globe attacking various consumer touchpoints. The growing menace of fraud not only causes millions of dollars worth of losses every year to businesses, they impact the lives of everyday people.

In order for the internet to be safe for all of us, it is critical to build effective barriers that can deter fraudsters and safeguard the interests of users and businesses. Arkose Labs is right at the forefront of this fight and I am happy to be joining Arkose Labs and working alongside some of the best brains in the industry.

New generation of online fraud based on AI / ML

In recent times, enormous amounts of data have been breached, providing fraudsters with the raw material to sharpen their attack tactics. Fraudsters are creative and they are always devising new and innovative ways to launch sophisticated attacks. They have corrupted digital identities en masse and make use of both automated and human resources to scale up their attacks.

We are playing a catch-up game with the fraudsters as new fraud attacks and cybercrime has become a huge challenge today. As part of the team at Arkose Labs, I can leverage my background in artificial intelligence and machine learning to combat the AI and ML-based attacks that fraudsters are now using.

Solve scale challenges

Another reason I am excited to be a part of Arkose Labs is the company's global reach, providing services to some of the top brands in the world. This list of marquee clients is not only impressive but also provides an opportunity to solve internet-scale system challenges.

The use of best-in-class technology and innovative approach to fighting fraud is something that sets Arkose Labs apart. It is enabling businesses to balance data privacy with hyper-personalization and user experience.  We need to be at the top of our game to combat the increasing level of technical sophistication in today’s organized fraudsters.

Beating fraudsters at their own game is no mean achievement and Arkose Labs has the validation, having won numerous prestigious industry awards and Gartner's Cool vendor award.

People-oriented culture

Along with the excitement of helping solve some of the biggest challenges, the people I work with is equally important. At Arkose Labs the focus on its people is palpable, which is evident from the ongoing investment in each and every employee. This is an incredible foundation that defines the vibrant and effervescent culture of the company.

With the groundbreaking work that Arkose Labs is doing in addressing fraud, I am truly excited to bring my past experience to bear and contribute to creating a safer internet for all.