Arkose Labs Deploys Major Enhancements to its Fraud and Abuse Defense Platform

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Arkose Labs the platform that bankrupts the business model of fraud and abuse, today announced key enhancements to its patented technology. These enhancements further improve the platform’s dynamic risk engine and adaptive step-up, which provide real-time attack insights that allow Arkose Labs to automatically deploy effective countermeasures without impacting customer experience.

The cybercrime economy reaps a staggering $1.5 trillion in estimated profit each year and is continuing to grow. It’s never been easier to launch sophisticated, large-scale organized attacks on businesses from across the globe, and advancements in technology coupled with an abundance of breached identity data make it increasingly more difficult for businesses to combat fraud. With these new product enhancements, the Arkose Labs fraud and abuse defense platform will continue to stay steps ahead of evolving attacks.

Telemetry, the platform’s dynamic risk engine, makes informed decisions on the context, behavior, and past reputation of all requests with machine learning. Enhancements include a new data exchange that allows customers to pass their own data into the platform, which helps them better understand grey area traffic and extract valuable threat intelligence. Telemetry’s enhancements serve as a catalyst for continued platform accuracy, making Arkose Labs one of the most powerful fraud and abuse defenses on the market.

An upgraded customer dashboard now delivers more data and stronger analytical capabilities, providing a complete and accurate breakdown of complex traffic patterns. The dashboard also delivers improved data visualization and data stitching, detailing each session across the customer journey. The result is clearer insight into user behavior and superior customer data that companies can leverage in real-time.

“Enhanced analytical capabilities combine security and user insights in actual time to give our customers unparalleled clarity into their traffic, helping them to secure long-term business and learn from evolving attacks,” said Matthew Ford, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product and Science at Arkose Labs.

Upgrades to Enforcement, the platform’s adaptive step-up that disrupts the monetization of attacks with patented challenges that don’t impact customers, include the addition of new challenge types and game mechanics that pass feedback back to Telemetry. Improvements were also rolled out in resolution, with an enhanced capability to brand challenges through customization to deliver bespoke user experiences. Three new languages–Azerbaijani, Basque, and Romanian–widen Enforcement’s accessibility support, bringing the total number of supported languages to 31. Rendering improvements also fortify strong cross-browser support extending back to Internet Explorer 5 (IE5), along with licensed console devices, for a cohesive security experience that defends against attacks without needless customer interruptions.

“We’re marrying sophisticated Telemetry data with adaptive step-up challenges to cultivate unique insights that cannot be replicated by any other solution,” said Glen Arrowsmith, Vice President of Engineering at Arkose Labs. “The result is a seamless decisioning platform that empowers businesses to build, and protect, the online experiences their customers want.”

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