Arkose Labs leadership team is comprised of seasoned fraud and security experts with decades of proven success in various different industries. With a diverse team of individuals all driven to make the internet a safer place for all.


Kevin Gosschalk

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Frank Teruel

Chief Finance Officer

Bill Sytsma

Chief Revenue Officer

Patrick Kehoe

Chief Marketing Officer

Ashish Jain

Chief Product Officer

John Walsh

Chief Technology Officer

Patrice Boffa

Chief Customer Officer

Phil Steffora

Chief Information & Chief Security Officer


Kevin Gosschalk

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dafina Toncheva

U.S. Venture Partners

Reed Taussig

Independent Director at Darwinium and ClearDATA

James Wu

M12-Microsoft's Venture Fund

Daniela Llobet

Vice President at SoftBank Group International

Chris Cabrera

Founder & CEO at Xactly

David Reilly

Former CIO and CTO of Bank of America