Arkose Labs leadership team is comprised of seasoned fraud and security experts with decades of proven success in various different industries. With a diverse team of individuals all driven to make the internet a safer place for all.


Kevin Gosschalk

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Frank Teruel

Chief Finance Officer

Bill Sytsma

Chief Revenue Officer

Ashish Jain

Chief Product Officer

Phil Steffora

Chief Information & Chief Security Officer

Patrice Boffa

Chief Customer Officer

John Walsh

Chief Technology Officer


Kevin Gosschalk

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dafina Toncheva

U.S. Venture Partners

Reed Taussig

Independent Director at Darwinium and ClearDATA

James Wu

M12-Microsoft's Venture Fund

Heather Zynczak

Former CMO of PS and Domo

Chris Cabrera

Founder & CEO at Xactly

David Reilly

Former CIO and CTO of Bank of America