Fake Accounts

Arkose Labs helps
stop fraud and
abuse through
fake account

Arkose Labs detected a 70% rise in bot-driven attacks attempting new account registrations over just one quarter in 2019. Companies need a more robust way to detect fake account creations which are used to test stolen credentials, abuse new customer promotions and apply for new lines of credit.

Arkose Labs leverages the insights gained from its global risk engine, Arkose Detect, to accurately profile the underlying intent of traffic. A risk score is assigned using in-depth digital intelligence about the user. Arkose Enforce then delivers adaptive step-up for suspicious users, instantly deflecting automated large-scale attacks.

While genuine users can clear the challenges quickly, fraudsters must invest lots of time and resources to clear the challenges at scale. This makes the attack economically less attractive, forcing fraudsters to give up.

New Account Fraud

Account originations are the most attacked customer touchpoint on the Arkose Labs network.


Key Features

Technology Highlights

The Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform provides the most effective protection against large-scale fake account registrations. Advanced risk profiling identifies sessions showing signs of malicious activity and informs any step-up authentication requirements. Targeted enforcement challenges block automated and sweatshop-driven attacks and prevent fraudsters from attacking at scale.

Identify New
Account Fraud

Combine sophisticated risk decisioning with intelligent step-up challenges

Detect Bulk Account
Creation Attacks

Long-term protection that prevents fraudsters from scaling up attacks

Stop Single
Request Attacks

Stamp out scripted attacks, trained bots and sweatshop activity

SLA Guarantee

The only solution to provide a guarantee on stopping automated account takeover attacks

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Other Use Cases

Protect consumer accounts in the wake of major data breaches


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Put an end to the billions of dollars lost in annual fraud losses.


Identify and stop automated scraping attempts with unprecedented certainty.


Defend against mass-scale spam and phishing attempts on your websites and apps.


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