Customer Interview

How Adobe Improved User Sign-up Experience While Enhancing Account Protections

In this lively interview, Toews shares Adobe’s experience with Arkose Labs that turned him from a CAPTCHA nay-sayer to a believer. Tune in to learn

  1. How the right CAPTCHA strategy reduced fake account registrations by 90% for Adobe
  2. Adobe’s approach that led to 98% of users being able to sign up with zero friction
  3. How Arkose Labs’ data provided greater context for Adobe’s team to make faster decisions to pass or block users

“I’m somewhat famous for decrying the end of CAPTCHA. But Arkose Labs has proved me wrong. You’ve provided a puzzle that data shows is successful at actually differentiating between a bot, a fraudster, and a good user.” – Sparky Toews

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Case Study

Adobe Reduces Fake Account Risk and Improves User Experience with Arkose Labs

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