Arkose Labs supports global businesses with multiple CDN locations for fast, reliable service.

China Data Center

Large B2C enterprises with user bases in China need a seamless global deployment model. They therefore require their suppliers to have infrastructure in the region and to comply with Chinese data protection and compliance laws. Dedicated infrastructure in China reduces latency, and is key to ensuring product SLAs are met.

Arkose Labs China Data Center and Localization Provides:

Multiple CDN locations throughout mainland China

ICP (Internet Content Provider) Licensed

End user facing lingual UI support, including Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Hong Kong — Traditional), and Chinese (Taiwan — Traditional)

Supported via .cn API endpoints

Key Benefits:

Low latency

Stable traffic with no fluctuations

Government data regulations Compliance

All user requests stay within mainland China

Arkose Labs Global Infrastructure

To serve global businesses, Arkose Labs operates across an extensive network of data centers. These are located in the United States (east and west coast), South Asia, South East Asia, China, Central Europe and Western Europe.

Global Languages Supported

Global B2C enterprises need global language support. Arkose Labs supports over 100 different languages, including:

Platform Demonstration

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