Arkose Labs is endorsed by a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees attackers cannot viably scale inauthentic requests

Attackers always adapt to overcome defenses that cannot be explicitly guaranteed

Attackers are highly motivated and retool faster than defenses can be deployed. When the efficacy of a defense capability is not guaranteed by an SLA, the potential value of subverting it increases exponentially over time.

Naturally, attackers pioneer sophisticated methods to scale fraud and abuse operations – like Single Request Attacks, which consistently bypass applied artificial intelligence and bot mitigation technology.

Enforcement is a reliable defense that can be guaranteed

Arkose Labs can definitively classify requests through Enforcement, a challenge–response mechanism that automatically remediates gray-area traffic without blocking humans. By cloaking the enterprise attack surface with Enforcement, attackers are forced to overcome proprietary defenses that augment relative to their abuse.

One such defense is the Arkose Labs Acid Test, an automated experiment conducted by Enforcement. The programmatic test introduces uncharacteristic visual data into the challenge–response mechanism, which causes automated processes to spontaneously fail – and provides an explicit signal that the request is inauthentic.

The Acid Test delivers a conclusive determination as to the authenticity of a request, and extracts critical threat intelligence that enables Arkose Labs to remediate abuse within a guaranteed period.

We want customers to invest in our technology with confidence – that's why we guarantee to remediate fraud and abuse as part of our service commitment, or customers may terminate their agreement.

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