Account Takeover (ATO)

80% of login requests are actually Account Takeover attempts

Account Takeover relies on automation to quickly inject web and mobile apps with thousands of spilled username/password pairs until they are matched to an existing account. When credentials are breached from another web or mobile app, attackers automatically test them against your login application.

Account Takeover is also known as Credential Stuffing, Account Hijacking, Brute Forcing, or a Dictionary Attack.

Arkose Labs prevent attackers from stealing legitimate accounts of human-origin

Arkose Labs instantly detect when an attacker tries to inject credentials at scale using automated tools and digital sweatshops. Such attempts are intercepted by Arkose Labs’ Enforcement, a challenge–response mechanism that substitutes the enterprise attack surface with one that we control. This dynamic secondary screening also ensures that requests of human-origin are always afforded the right to prove their authenticity, and has been statistically proven to achieve the same throughput as using no defense.

Attackers disguise Account Takeover using Single Request Attacks

Attackers use Single Request Attacks to camouflage Account Takeover attempts at scale. These requests simulate legitimate sources by obfuscating IP addresses, consuming dynamic fingerprints, using headless browsers, and executing JavaScript as expected. Single Request Attacks cannot be detected using artificial intelligence and must be independently challenged to neutralize attackers and their ability to retool.


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