Arkose Labs: Poised for Growth in EMEA and Beyond


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Thoroughly impressed with the spectrum of impressive case studies and the growth Arkose Labs has registered at this stage, I was compelled to help steer the company’s growth in the EMEA region

Despite the global economic slowdown, Arkose Labs registered record annual revenue and more than doubled its headcount in 2020. This is testimony to the impressive growth that the company was able to achieve during one of the most challenging periods in recent history. This is just one of the many reasons that made joining Arkose Labs such a compelling proposition. Here are some of the others:

Innovative technology and philosophy: Arkose Labs is a technology-driven company and takes a different approach to solving the problem of fraud and online abuse. The technology that Arkose Labs uses is not only cutting-edge but also disruptive, unique, and, most importantly, it is patented.

Compelling business outcomes: I truly believe that clients trust business partners that help them fuel business growth. Here again, Arkose Labs scores highly as it also enables businesses to increase good customer throughput without unnecessarily burdening the users, thus driving revenue growth. 

Validation by top-tier investors and customers: PayPal, Microsoft, and now Sony are key strategic investors, which speaks volumes about the confidence they have in Arkose Labs. I am also impressed with the global clients Arkose Labs partners with. To have such an impressive line-up of case studies for a company at this stage is truly remarkable. 

Hyper-growth path: I can’t stress enough the wonderful stage of growth the company is enjoying currently. It’s the ideal size at present, which also provides me with a great opportunity to make a significant contribution in expanding the footprint of the company in the EMEA region.

The culture and the people: It is said that a company is defined by the culture it fosters. I must say, Arkose Labs has incredibly talented people—whether it is at the leadership level or in various departments. The core values of the company drive every action of every employee. The on-going investment in employees is heartening as it provides everyone with enough opportunities to learn and grow.

Strong leadership: I am happy to be a part of a company that has visionary leaders, who are steering the company on the right growth path. The leadership team and its vision is key to driving both short and long-term growth. 

The scale of opportunities: Digital businesses across industries and geographies are trying to fight the growing menace of fraud and online abuse. These digital businesses have a common goal of protecting their business interests and safeguarding the customers from fraud. As a result, the fresh approach that Arkose Labs adopts towards fighting fraud is universally applicable and will help the efforts to expand the company’s operations across EMEA.

I am happy to admit that in the couple of weeks that I have worked with the team as Regional VP of Sales for EMEA, the experience has been truly fantastic. I am really looking forward to helping the company realise its expansion and growth plans in EMEA. 


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