Arkose Labs Launches Most Transparent Fraud Detection Product on the Market to Provide Actionable Risk Insights Across Online Consumer Journey

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  • New offering developed in partnership with the biggest companies in the world provides highest catch-rate results in the industry
  • Combination of real-time risk assessments, machine learning analytics, and custom-tuning leads to 40% uptick in detection of malicious digital traffic

SAN MATEO, Calif. (April 19, 2022) – Arkose Labs, the global leader in fraud deterrence and account security, today announced the launch of Arkose Detect™. This product solves the pressing twin challenges security professionals face daily – to stop fraud attacks on consumers’ accounts and help grow revenue by reducing the friction that good users experience when doing business online.

The company developed Arkose Detect in response to market demand for a product solely focused on understanding and preventing automated and human-driven attacks. It works completely behind the scenes, to provide a smooth, frictionless experience for real users. Previously embedded in the company’s existing dynamic attack response solution, Arkose Protect™, it comes to market with the advantage of having been tested extensively on major global businesses – defending against billions of real-world attacks.

“Every company today is operating in the ‘decision economy,’ which is stimulated and fueled by data,” said Arkose Labs Chief Product Officer Ashish Jain. “We designed Arkose Detect to leverage the collective data from the world’s biggest companies so that those hard to suss out fraud attacks can be easily detected. As fraud is constantly evolving, we have an ambitious product roadmap and will continue to innovate to stay ahead of threats.”

Arkose Detect offers defense-in-depth detection, which drives up fraudsters’ cost to evade detection. The product is specifically outfitted with a layered, AI-based foundation that compels fraudsters to up the sophistication of their attacks, which in turn increases their costs. Results show that with the economics out of balance, fraudsters abandon their attacks on companies that use Arkose Detect.

Arkose Detect provides customers with a risk score that enables them to tune their internal fraud models to accurately detect malicious bots and human-driven attacks more than ever before. In a rare cybersecurity industry move, the company shares the Arkose Detect data it obtains and analyzes with customers to help them strengthen their models. Arkose Detect offers the most transparent detection solution on the market, with more than 70 raw risk signals and over 150 pre-built insights derived from our global network, as a standard part of the new product.

Equally exciting is the fact that Arkose Detect customers benefit from instant time-to-value, with an immediate uplift in visibility into traffic risk, unlike legacy solutions that can be slow to implement effectively. Fraudsters are fast, nimble, and opportunistic; companies have to perform at an even higher level to outsmart bad actors, and Arkose Detect empowers them to do so  with real-time traffic-risk data.

Industry analysts agree that Arkose Detect is entering the market at the right time. Jim Mortensen, Aite-Novarica fraud and AML strategic advisor, said: “Fraud attacks are increasingly unpredictable and create a complex operating landscape for businesses where it is difficult to differentiate between a fraudster and a good user. This has driven up demand for a new solution that can provide more data insights back to security and fraud teams, enabling them to tune their models and detect more malicious bots and human-perpetrated fraud attacks than ever before. Arkose Detect is an innovative defense-in-depth approach to tackle this big problem.”

The company has invested heavily in its detection technology over the last six months and it recently received the highest score possible in The Forrester Wave™: Bot Management, Q2

2022 report in the innovation roadmap criterion. It is actively working with customers to add more traffic onto Arkose Detect, which includes real-time risk assessments, spoofing detection, behavior analytics, machine learning and transparent risk insights. All of these features are backed by the company’s industry-leading security operations center (SOC) that will continue to tune the detection signals to ensure the ongoing maximum catch rate. 

It additionally improves customer experience with invisible assessments that allow risk-based decisions or a targeted response of the customer’s choice. Consumers’ online accounts have become one of the most strategically important theaters of today’s cyber war being waged by financially-motivated fraudsters. If fraudsters can credential stuff their way into a consumer’s account, they stand to make a lot of money. Security professionals are under significant pressure to not only prevent attacks but also ensure legitimate consumers face zero abrasion while accessing their account so that they can easily do business online.

“In just six years, Arkose Labs has grown to boast a portfolio of category-leading customers across financial services, gaming, travel, ecommerce/retail, social media and technology industries,” said Arkose Labs founder and CEO Kevin Gosschalk. “And this is just an early chapter in our growth story. Our forecasted trajectory is exciting and attracting attention due to the efficacy of our core technology, on which Arkose Detect is built.”

Arkose Labs’ premier product, Arkose Protect, has a successful track record. It combines attack detection with dynamic attack response through proprietary enforcement challenges. Customers include many of the most recognizable brands in the world such as Microsoft, PayPal, Roblox, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Dropbox. In parallel to developing Arkose Detect, the company has also been innovating new features for Arkose Protect.

Product enhancements this quarter included:

  •  New Enforcement Challenge Design, Featuring: 
    • Simpler and more intuitive puzzles for users, enabling faster solving times
    • Increased resilience to brute-force attacks that solve puzzles by random guessing
    • Greater defense against automated solvers and inventory attacks with a new design that renders image recognition and classification more complex and time-consuming
    • Highly flexible game format, opening up additional  possibilities for  puzzle variants to tailor to use-cases and attack scenarios
    • Accessibility improvements for users with visual or cognitive impairments
  • Device Spoofing Detection Enhancements: Arkose Labs is actively  testing the use of WebGL data to further improve accuracy of recognition of spoofed signatures
  • Arkose Insights: More data fields delivered to customers through Verify API and RTL API
  • Command Center: New Session Explorer and Data Exporter and a new truth data upload/reporting capability
  • Infrastructure: Expansion to Japan, improved latency, and ISO certifications

To request a demo of Arkose Detect click here.

About Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs’ mission is to create an online environment where all consumers are protected from malicious activity. Recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor in Fraud and Authentication,” the company offers the world’s first $1 million credential stuffing warranty. Its AI-powered platform combines powerful risk assessments with dynamic attack response that undermines the ROI behind attacks while improving good user throughput. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA with offices in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, Tokyo, Japan,San Jose, Costa Rica, and London, UK, the company debuted as the 83rd fastest-growing company in North America on the 2021 Deloitte Fast500 ranking.


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