Account Takeover Detection

Account takeover (ATO) attacks occur when cybercriminals gain access to a user's account credentials and take control of their accounts. These cyberattacks can result in data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage for businesses. As a result, it is crucial to have an effective ATO detection system in place.

ATO risk is real. Arkose Labs, a leader in bot management, offers advanced solutions to combat account takeover (ATO) attacks. Our proprietary platform and expertise in bot prevention provides businesses with a powerful defense against ATO attacks.

Account Takeover Survey: Top 7 Findings on the Impact of ATO

Account Takeover Survey: Top 7 Findings on the Impact of ATO

At the heart of Arkose Labs' ATO detection system is its ability to distinguish between genuine user activities and fraudulent ones. This capability helps to prevent false positives, which can disrupt business operations and cause unnecessary inconvenience for customers. By continuously monitoring user activities, the risk engine can identify patterns that are consistent with ATO attacks and take necessary actions to prevent them.

In addition to its advanced risk engine, Arkose Labs' ATO detection system also utilizes a powerful technology called Arkose Matchkey. This technology adds an extra layer of protection by challenging the authenticity of user identities through the strongest CAPTCHA software ever made. By combining its risk engine and Arkose Matchkey technology, Arkose Labs provides businesses with a comprehensive detection solution that is highly effective in preventing ATO attacks.

Arkose Labs' solution also leverages the power of AI to stay ahead of evolving threats. The system constantly learns from new data and adapts its detection algorithms to detect new and emerging ATO attacks. This ensures that businesses are always protected against the latest threats, giving them peace of mind and security in today's digital landscape. By accurately detecting ATO attacks, Arkose Labs helps businesses to maintain a seamless and secure user experience for their customers.

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