Protect the ecommerce ecosystem from fraud and abuse
Global ecommerce companies trust Arkose Labs to defend against fraud and online abuse. The Arkose Platform classifies traffic based on the underlying intent of users and deploys appropriate countermeasures to remediate attacks in real-time.

Arkose Labs goes beyond stopping individual attacks to deliver a long-term solution that deters fraudsters long term while enhancing good user experience.

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“We have seen a dramatic improvement in fraud detection and prevention since implementing Arkose Labs. They are a true partner working together with us to protect our business and our customers.”

Fraud Prevention Manager

Fraud and abuse prevention for retail

New Account Registration Fraud

Streamline the account sign-up process and prevent fraudsters from using stolen or fake user credentials to set up bogus accounts.


Stop ATO of user accounts, which allows fraudsters to change user credentials, manipulate delivery schedules and make fraudulent purchases.


Protect inventory information and other commercially sensitive data from malicious, automated scraping activity.

Denial of Inventory

Prevent inventory hoarding from automated bots which add items to shopping carts to prevent legitimate purchases, in order to make money or disrupt a competitor.

Card Testing

Detect large-scale testing of stolen payment credentials on ecommerce checkout pages, and prevent fraudulent gift card purchases.

Credential Testing

Prevent automated scripts from abusing the login and sign-up forms to verify stolen credentials and perform credential stuffing attacks.

The Arkose Advantage

Deep Analysis

Actionable insights into user intent to accurately triage traffic 

Eliminate Fraud

Detects and blocks both human and bot-driven attacks to reduce fraud by 50-90%

Future-proof Protection

Adapt to evolving threats and render fraud financially unsustainable in the long-term 

Stop Any Attack

Protection against spam, scraping, fake reviews, denial of inventory, and other complex attacks

100% Commercial SLA

A solution that is guaranteed to scale with the complexity and sophistication of fraudsters

Reduce False Positives

Increases good customer throughput by 15-25%

Protect against evolving
fraud patterns

Arkose Labs enables retailers to take a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and abuse on their websites and apps, while enhancing user experience and customer loyalty.

Arkose Labs helps retailers tackle fraud and abuse in its different forms, with an approach that embraces targeted friction combined with risk-based assessments. Risky traffic is presented with innovative 3D challenges, that eliminate all automated attacks and dramatically slow down human-driven attacks.

Platform Demonstration

See how the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform could help your business