Auction Abuse

Automated trading transfigures virtual abuse into real-world money

Fraudsters artificially manipulate marketplaces, and in-game economies, for significant financial gain. Automation provides fraudsters with an operational efficiency that allows them to trade with the advantage of both volume and velocity. Fraudsters use this advantage to undermine competitive market structures by controlling inventory, tampering with dynamic pricing models, and exploiting online queues.

Auction Abuse refers to the unlawful use of Auction House Bots, Autobuyers and/or Autobidders for financial or virtual gain.

Arkose Labs makes automated trading uneconomical for fraudsters

Arkose Labs intercept fraudsters that attempt to trade at scale with automated tools or digital sweatshops. Auction Abuse is remediated on-demand by Arkose Labs’ Enforcement, a challenge–response mechanism with dynamic defenses that generate continuous losses for fraudsters. By removing the economic incentive behind Auction Abuse, fraudsters move on or are forced to surrender.

Prevent Auction Abuse without extensive false positives

Enforcement provides a mechanism that validates Arkose Labs’ Telemetry in real-time to exponentially reduce false positives. All responses are trained incrementally by Telemetry so as to profile inauthentic requests accurately, and to model contemporary attacker behavior. This validated feedback loop facilitates early intervention and reduces false positives exponentially.


Don’t leave your marketplace open to Auction Abuse

Learn how Arkose Labs solved an 8-figure Auction Abuse problem for a leading enterprise