Fraudsters circulate questionable information in public content, databases and private messages

Automation makes Spam an affordable way for fraudsters to spread fake emails and messages that trick customers into disclosing personal information for financial exploitation. More recently, spam-based attacks have been used in conjunction with Fake Users to influence discourse around political and financially-incentivized messages on social media.

Spam is also known as Email Spam, Comment Spam, or Chat Spam, and can generally be described as unsolicited, repeated actions that negatively impact other people.

Arkose Labs scale the cost of spam attacks beyond a fraudster’s window of commercial opportunity

Arkose Labs use a combination of reactive defenses, and proactive interception, to neutralize spam attacks before they achieve scale. Spam is remediated directly in the customer-facing flow by Arkose Labs’ Enforcement, a challenge–response mechanism with dynamic defenses that generate continuous losses for fraudsters. By specifically targeting how much it costs to send Spam, Arkose Labs limit fraudsters’ economic incentives and restrict their ability to extract a return.

Remediate large-scale spam attacks with definitive accuracy

Arkose Labs remove the guesswork, and analyst work, of enterprise spam remediation. Enforcement intercepts fraudsters at the moment of fraud with security controls that augment in real-time. These dynamic permutations prevent fraudsters from scaling their spam operations and obfuscate how Enforcement might behave in future. Consequently, a fraudster’s return will diminish faster than the investment they require to sustain their automated abuse operation.


Arkose Labs reduced 300M monthly spam messages to zero for a Top 10 social networking app

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